El Salvador Benefits From Bitcoin Tourism | Boom visits in the country!

Le Salvador it records record growth in the tourism sector, reaching the top of the ranking in which we find the countries with the best post-pandemic recovery rates. Part of this success lies in a total openness to Bitcoin which is now nearly a year old.

The data speaks for itself: despite the bear market, the country has marked a + 82,8% in terms of tourist influx, compared to the pre-pandemic period. Most new visitors come from USA. Among them, prominent members of the community Bitcoin.

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El Salvador begins to reap what was sown with Bitcoin

Price Ash au The Washington Postwho, in an article earlier this month, ruled, with particular reference to Le Salvador: Central America hoped Bitcoin could attract new tourists. It did not work. We spare you the litany of content, and we go directly to the end of the article in question, where is reported a story that is moving on a rhetorical system worthy of the worst Tafazzi.

The story goes something like this: in a restaurant in Le Salvador excited tourist tries to pay the bill by Bitcoin. She and her travel companion want to know if it's really as easy as they say. Excited, and smartphone in hand, she has to give up and pay in cash because the waitress is unable to manage the transaction.

As if to say: I go to the tire dealer and the apprentice on the first day of work is not able to do the convergence for me. Disappointed, I leave. But I have a newspaper, and a headline: Tire dealers hire young people in hopes of fighting unemployment. Young people don't know how to work: it won't work.

Nier The Washington Post the data we are reporting today: tourism in Le Salvador à + 82,8% after the adoption of Bitcoin, and compared to pre-pandemic periods. More than one million visits during the first six months of the year: last year, there were only one hundred thousand more, but over the twelve months.

Again: to World Travel Organization data (WTO) estimates of Alex Bonillato the head of strategic projects of the local Ministry of Tourism, which provides for a tour of approximately 60 million dollars, give it away more than 57 tourists who will join the country for these summer vacations.

The financial situation is not the best, but…

All this, despite the fact that the markets recorded a decline which caused a loss of Bitcoin almost half of its value since the beginning of the year. It's not a mystery actually, despite Fassino.. sorry, di The Washington Postthat the country's economy has also benefited from cryptocurrency tourism, which has pushed a Le Salvador lots of new visitors especially from nearby America.

Some of the new entrants are made up of people from the sector, at several levels. who does it by mining to simple enthusiasts, to include entrepreneurs and well-known personalities in the community.

Among these figures Samson MowCEO of JANUARY 3 only recently had spoken in detail about Bitcoin City, a controversial project in some respects but which has caught the attention of companies, institutions and professionals. The relationships between Le Salvador Et Bitcoin they were back at the center of heated discussions when we learned that Nayib Bukele he was in the process of buying up the public debt from the country.

Nayib Bukele that once again he found himself making fun of the institutional press, that he wanted the state for the umpteenth time cryptography compatible on the edge of the abyss. Net of the skirmishes of the affair, history had made one thing clear: the affair seemed convenient for Le Salvadorand recent developments have confirmed that the country needs bitcoinwith a cryptocurrency that can seriously help the local economy as long as the ongoing projects are actually implemented.

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