Efinity flies powered by Metaverse and Polkadot rods

infinity heat up the engines by taking advantage of the two strong bullish waves that sweep it along. On the one hand, the unprecedented interest in the token market linked to metaverse Et Games, on the other hand, participation in Polka dot stems win one Parachain.

All for a crypto product that is still in its infancy but could already take off, as it has been on the market for a few hours now. All in the big family of Enjin Coin, which could only benefit from positive developments in this direction.

Enjin Coin, the token father de infinity is also available on eToro - go here to receive the free virtual demo account full of exclusive features - intermediary who has put it on the list for some time now and who is unique in the complex of active who offers.

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Efinity at the center of two revolutions: this is what is happening

infinity is a project born from Enjin Coin and is still linked to the world of game and the gods metaverse. A sector which, as we have seen for example with Gala Et The sandbox, but also through Decentraland, lives a moment of very strong increase and which continues to break new records for market value day after day.

But it's not just that behind infinity, because today the second auction for the parachain au Because, with the first one who went to Acala and with infinity who, in all likelihood, will win one of the next, with the second closing, in terms of votes, today.

A good time to infinity, which in addition to surfing these two waves actually has a lot to offer, because in addition to the development of a metaverse he will bring TVN in the world of Because.

Anyone with $ DOT in their wallet can contribute to the vote

We also remind our readers that it is through Binance, or via a normal wallet Because it is possible to support this project. We can then vote to bring tokens home $ EFI, corresponding to how much $ POINT we will block for the vote.

This is an alternative method to obtain a passive income of the possession of Token $ DOT and this allows us to accumulate even a little $ EFI, which for the moment are almost impossible to find on the markets.

For those who, of course, should believe in the goodness of the project and its future growth, thus winning tokens that could have a greater ascendancy than that of Because. With an important eye also on what is happening on $ ENJ, which remains the referral token for the whole ecosystem.

A good time to metaverse, game Et TVN, even if, at least in our opinion, in infinity there is also something more. For now our intuition is confirmed by a growth of more than 15% in the past 24 hours.

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