Bitcoin and cryptocurrency donations

There Catholic Church de Washington open to crypto-monnaies for donations to their own archdiocese. Search by Parish Support Initiativean American parish support organization, the initiative was born thanks to the collaboration with Hireda platform specializing in donations to religious and charitable organizations.

The institution is committed to social issues, with interventions dedicated to the less fortunate and those in need of health care. Crypto-currencies and humanitarian causes still together, this time under the banner of the Catholic Church.

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The Catholic Church finances itself in crypto

The Archdiocese of Washington gather on 650 000 faithful, who find unity in hundreds of parishes located in the Maryland Et Washington DC. The ecclesiastical institution also counts 90 schools and several centers where she provides assistance, education and physical and spiritual support to the most needy.

It supports voluntary work Parish Support Initiative, an organization that supports parishes, missionaries and struggling citizens in the vast area of ​​influence of the Archdiocese. The organization raises funds for the social cause, and thanks to the recent partnership with Hired is now able to take advantage of the block chain For his work.

Our diocese is ready to use the latest technologies to increasingly involve the faithful and all its supporters. It will be easier for them to support our cause and help spread the gospel around the world. Engiven is fundamental to the success of our mission, as it provides us with a valid and easy-to-use platform.

It is the synthesis of the thought of Joseph M. Gillmer, who in the Archdiocese holds the role of Executive Director of Development. In fact, the operation of the platform is quite intuitive: once on the page, all you have to do is select the program you want to join, choose the preferred cryptocurrency and send the amount, even anonymously.

The platform supports Bitcoin and more than 90 other assets, including Ethereum and some even like, how Dogecoin. The site provides an instant converter, which displays the fiat currency equivalent of the amount chosen for the donation. A simple and effective system that allows even those who have no experience in the field to be able to contribute to the cause.

For the cause of God this and more

A resolutely inclusive system for an initiative that once again sees the entire sector at the service of real and concrete humanitarian causes. This is not the first time that we have found ourselves commenting on commendable works in favor of the poorest: among the many examples we can cite the fiat/crypto hybrid collection organized by the winners of the last Eurovision in favor of the Ukrainian people.

On this occasion, the benefactors were rewarded with NFT offered directly by the winning group, for an operation that has similarities with what is organized by Chevroletce auctioned a Corvette Z06 in a single edition, via an NFT auction. The proceeds of the operation were entirely donated to DonorsChoosean American charitable organization that promotes education in public schools nationwide.

It is now the turn of the starry church to take charge of a noble initiative, or rather to decline its work in key Web3with the Vatican ce in recent months, he had paved the way make its immense artistic heritage accessible to all.

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