Deloitte with NYDIG for Bitcoin

according to a Press release posted a few minutes ago Deloitteone of the world's leading consulting firms, reportedly reached an agreement with NYDIG offer des services from banking related to the world of Bitcoin.

Thus, one of the most emblematic groups of modern capitalism would take the field, supported by a group which already navigates the sector with experience, for a move which will however be greeted by quite different moods within the community. The press release was issued by PRNewswirewhich had also been at the center of a statement faux during the engagement of Walmart with Litecoin.

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Deloitte enters the world of crypto with NYDIG

To take the field is Deloitte and, more unique than rare these days, it would seem to speak only of Bitcoin and not the rest of the sector, which, although for obvious reasons, could make more use of one of the clearest symbols of international finance and trade. The collaboration will be with NYDIGalready active in the sector and with transversal participations also with groups from the old finance.

Strongly centralized approach, which will target customers who wish to implement Bitcoin within its range of goods and services, without necessarily having to build a team of in-house specialists. What would be the point? It's simple: facilitate, behind high fees, the integration of what many believe could in fact be an important part of the international monetary future.

We see a world where traditional financial infrastructure will work alongside digital asset infrastructure to provide customers with the best experience with the highest standards of legal compliance. We've already started our journey to bring Bitcoin into everyone's user experience, with always-on bitcoin rewards programs and offering bitcoin collateralized loans. Deloitte is the best partner to help companies take the next step to carry out these types of projects and meet customer demand with a high level of rigor.

This is the comment of Yan Zhaowho is president of NYDIG and which leads several collaborative projects of the group with companies of this size.

The future of financial services will focus on digital assets and we strive to advise our clients on the best ways to enter the industry in a compliant manner. We believe this alliance with NYDIG will drive growth and form the cornerstone of Deloitte's major investments in digital asset-led innovation.

It is rather the comment of Richard Rosenthal de Deloittewho could only say that he was enthusiastic about a large-scale collaboration, in a sector followed for some time now by other consulting firms of this size.

What does this mean for the Bitcoin world?

Someone, perhaps rightly, lives with a certain annoyance this type of entry into the market of Bitcoin. The fact is that if mass adoption is the ultimate goal, more inflows of this magnitude are to be expected.

Don't they like the companies which are the nodes around which the modern economy develops? We will have to take care of it. Just a few months ago, to think of Deloitte pushing the adoption gas would have been science fiction to many.

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