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Ecological decentralized finance Energyfi


In recent years, decentralized finance (Defi) has generated a lot of interest from investors in the cryptocurrency industry.

DeFi has a market capitalization of around $ 200 billion (November 2021). However, DeFi is still in its early years and faces two major issues, including high transaction costs and a large environmental carbon footprint due to the excessive use of energy from major second-generation blockchains. . The advent of blockchain technology, beneficial for the environment with low gas fees, is necessary and imminent.

energy fi addresses these issues by creating a cross-chain DeFi All-in-One platform on Binance Smart Chain, Energy Web Chain, Avalanche and Near (Aurora).

Energyfi's ambition is to bring mass adoption to green networks. Energyfi is designed to bring together the Features of platforms that currently dominate the Defi industry such as Uniswap, Pancakeswap, Aave and Unicrypt.

The Energyfi platform includes a variety of capabilities, all aimed at helping consumers use green networks and create sustainable decentralized finance. Launchpad, Dex, Staking / Farming and Lending functions are included.

Let's look in detail at the features of the Energyfi platform.


EnergyPad is a crosschain, permissionless, rugpull proof ILO * platform. * (a kind of IPO launcher adapted to the crypto market)

It will support the main networks BSC, EWC, AVAX and NEAR.

By using EnergyPad, project developers and investors will experience a user-friendly interface with a host of features.

EnergyPad is designed to bring mass adoption to green networks.

Token locker

The token locking system on EnergyPad makes it easier for developers to manage their tokenomics and simplifies the explanation of different token locks for investors.

Energyfi's goal is to make the Challenge more popular. The Challenge should be as simple as possible and investors should not be afraid to invest. Thanks to Energyfi's token lockers, this becomes possible.

EnergySwap (DEX)

EnergySwap is the decentralized exchange of the Energyfi ecosystem.

On EnergiSwap, users will be able to exchange their tokens quickly and inexpensively while reducing their carbon footprint.

There are many decentralized exchanges in the sector, but Energyfi's DEX stands out for its interoperability characteristics with green networks. This will be the first decentralized exchange focused on green networks. The platform will integrate Energy Web Chain (EWC), Avalanche (Avax) and Near Protocol (Near).

The team will provide an original user interface with easy to use features. It will also provide real-time statistics and display token prices in their native currency. EnergyPad ILO tokens will also be automatically listed on EnergySwap DEX.

EnergySwap is also committed to rewarding liquidity providers in order to stand out from the competition. Rewarding LPs has been a crucial element in the adoption of DEXs in recent history. As a result, EnergySwap's liquidity providers will be remunerated at a rate of 0,6% per transaction (compared to 0,3% for PancakeSwap).


Energyfi's Savings Protocol will allow users to farm and stake EFI Tokens and earn rewards by providing liquidity in designated pools or to stake EFI and earn a portion of the swap fee in proportion to their share in the staking contract. EnergySave, a new way to earn passive income.


The Challenge includes the ability to borrow and lend cryptocurrency, which is a crucial part of the system. The Energyfi All-In-One platform would be incomplete without the ability for its clients to lend and borrow cryptocurrencies.

Users will have the option to lend cryptocurrency and earn interest or borrow cryptocurrency and pay interest over time, depending on their preferences. EnergyLend is a fast, secure, and energy-efficient lending / borrowing platform that attempts to help users in this way.

The Energyfi ecosystem is made up of these few significant elements. EFi, Energyfi's native token, will be used as a utility token to power the entire system.

Energyfi (EFI) Token

EnergyFi's EFI token will have a variety of use cases, such as governance and platform utility. In order to use some of Energyfi's services, you will need to have an EFI token. In other words, EFI, Energyfi's native token, is well integrated into the suite of dApps offered by EnergyFi. It has direct use and several application possibilities for its related products: EnergyPad, EnergySwap, EnergySave, EnergyLend, and many more.

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