Crypto: the cannabis industry is coming!

The Cannabis Industry Prepares to Leverage Blockchain and Ancillary Technologies for a Key Evolution Web3 of the whole sector. Beyond censorship and more or less severe regulations, the supply chain represents a business like what happens in any other commercial field.

To give us an idea of ​​the direction the sector should take Kathee Brewereditorial director of one of the most reputable magazines in the sector.

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The world of legal cannabis is turning to NFT and Metaverse

Mg Magazine is an information and dissemination magazine on all that makes news and culture in the vast cannabis sector. A point of reference for producers, retailers, marketers and consumers, to whom the entire supply chain of marijuana and its derivatives is addressed.

From practical guides to the observatory of international politics, including the latest sales and consumer trends, the magazine offers an always attentive point of view on what the world has to offer around a business with infinite ramifications.

A recent editorial discusses the expected evolution of the main Web3 of the sector. Technologies derived from block chainaccording to the source, they have already shown a significant impact on the economies of all sectors that have adopted them at different levels.

For the cannabis industry, cryptocurrencies and NFT in particular, they may offer more than one benefit. We refer to the ability to create virtual communities on a global scale around a brand, with tokens that we know lend themselves to conveying side benefits such as real-world experiences, online access preview to future drops and initiatives, up to and including discounts and promotions of all kinds.

Not to mention the ease of crypto-monnaies in general, and here we add di Bitcoin in particular by promoting international transactions with a certain speed, in complete security and above all protected from censorship and the typical flaws of the traditional banking system.

Advertising but not only

Even from a purely advertising perspective, these technologies can be used by manufacturers to circumvent censorship and restrictions applied by many jurisdictions. This should not sound like an exhortation to circumvent the laws in force, but on the contrary the manufacturer can establish a closer relationship with its users, while continuing to operate legally.

Let's think about the metaverse and its infinite variations: from institutional organizations to companies operating in the most disparate sectors, this technology now welcomes subjects of all kinds. Here, the space that the manufacturer reserves for its customers on chain would appear as the store that sells liquids for e-cigs, another sector that (in Italy) cannot advertise its products because they contain nicotine.

Still, the store can operate and sell. And he can give advice, albeit within the four walls of his premises. Walls that can become virtual, allowing the brand to reach a wider audience. Something otherwise prohibited, for those who requested it, via the website.

On the other hand, that of cannabis is an industry which, like many others, thinking from a marketing perspective, is called upon to exploit new technologies for its legitimate interests.

Our sector has shown that it can withstand difficult times, overcome difficult times and economic uncertainties, such as the current one. Operators in the sector have always been keen to seize the good that technological progress can offer.

Clearly summarizing the concept is Kathee Brewereditorial director of the group to which mg Magazine heads up. His thoughts then turn to predictions for the near future. According Brewerin five years the whole sector would be ready to exploit Non-fungible token Et metaverse in all aspects of the supply chain, from production to human resource management, from warehouse optimization to sales.

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