the Copa Libertadores is coming too

Another shot for, which continues to expand into the world of sport it is important. After purchasing the rights to appellation of the building that hosts the Lakers games, and after sponsoring the final of Italian cup, another important sponsorship is coming.

The group that manages the exchange of the same name will indeed sponsor the CONMEBOL, the Latin American football federation, until 2026 and will debut in final one Montevideo du Libertadores Cup, the equivalent of Ligue des champions for the UEFA.

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It starts with the Libertadores Cup final will start his three-year contract with a special in a few days. Indeed, the agreement provides for the presence ofexchange during the final between Palmeiras Et Flamengo stand in Montevideo.

For the rest there will also be other agreements, such as the partnership and the sponsor for the period of three years. 2023-2026 and also the exit of TVN linked to the history of South American football in collaboration with CONMEBOL.

A marketing strategy, that of which aims to combine the technical prowess - later in our video for a complete review - with the aggressiveness of any space that can guarantee a certain exposure, accompanied by a global strategy of expanding its market TVN. What, for example, took place with the launch of the Lions loaded this week.

The Libertadores Cup is the pinnacle of South American football - this magnificent game with ups and downs manages to thrill us together like nothing else. Our research shows that Latin America is a leader in cryptocurrency adoption, with 40% of the population expressing an interest in buying cryptocurrency in the short term. Of course, we were very interested in supporting the continent's premier football competition by adding it to our world-class sports sponsorship portfolio.

This is the comment of Kris Marszalek, who is co-founder and CEO groupe - questioned by the press on this umpteenth sponsorship of the group in favor of sports of a certain media importance.

Below is our video review.

It is perhaps the most important sponsorship to date for the group - at least in terms of outright visibility. In fact, we are talking about a competition watched by tens of thousands of people all over the world, with peaks reaching almost a million in the most important matches.

Something that will do well too $ CRO, which remains the nerve center around which all the internal activities of the exchange take place. Good news for investors, who had to undergo a much-needed correction today after one of the most incredible races in crypto history.

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