Is close to crisis? | The CEO denies the crazy rumors!

The unreassuring market situation is also a source of rumors without any foundation, who in these hours wonder about solidity some of the most important groups in the sector.

Over the past few hours, mainly sui is the international treasure it was the turn of, accused of having a plan to stop withdrawals for users in the face of a major liquidity crisis. Rumors that have become so insistent that they force the Head group, Kris Marszalekto intervene publicly and reassure souls.

No, it is not in danger and is not in crisis and indeed it is reviving to gain market share. And who wants can open an account with which also offers a $25 bonus function without major worries, for a group which also aims to confirm itself in the year of world cup sponsorship as one of the strongest around.

And all the services of buy and sell already present, as well as other services such as cards and cashback (although reduced for issues that will become clearer today) and with Compressorstaking and all the other initiatives that make him one of the exchange most popular in the world.

Accusations and rumors against how true is it?

The recent collapse of Capital of the Three Arrows and many others . operating in the sector of crypto-monnaies he opened himself to a whole series of inconveniences, at this point no longer alone financial. The rumor machine, or if you like that of mudalso came to reach very large operators such as Crypto.comwith increasingly insistent rumors of a possible liquidity crisis for the group.

Rumors that have no basis and that have forced the CEO of the Kris Marszalek Group intervene directly on Twitter to restore a certain serenity to users and to the markets.

We started to optimize processes in the first quarter, so we are in a good position now. There were difficult and unpopular decisions. But they were also the right choices to make. More and more people are beginning to recognize them as such. Despite our size and despite the optimization of our economy unit, there is still a lot of FUD being created today. In just two weeks, I heard about our attempt to slow down withdrawals and special promotions to encourage deposits. This is all fake clickbait. Our withdrawal policies are still the same and we have not implemented any additional restrictions. We don't have any promotions for deposits (and we certify that the ones we operate are profitable). People are free to do whatever they want, but here are the facts: will be one of the top 5 crypto platforms or maybe even the 3rd globally in terms of revenue. Only two players have better numbers than ours. Being responsible for a secure, reliable and regulated platform that operates globally has costs. Only a handful of operators have reached the size necessary to support these operations. I'm glad to see in this small group, because the rest will either be won or fail.

Then by reserving a dark analysis to operators of a size well below that of

The industry will be in better shape when these small companies with a broken business model are killed. There will be short-term suffering, but we have already seen some of it in action. A new space will emerge, stronger than before, thanks to this necessary hygiene. Now back to the construction – there are only 330 million people who own cryptocurrencies globally. There is still a lot to do before entering the next phase. Go on!

An opinion actually shared by various analysts and by various market operators, even if in our opinion the bulk of the damage should have already occurred revealed publicly and with perhaps another trader who will end up upside down, unable to cause more damage than the market has already suffered.

Now more than ever, look at the sources

It remains absolutely necessary in economically turbulent times such as those we face to choose the sources from which we document as carefully as possible.

We steer clear of newspapers that are too sensational and can exploit legitimate fears of the moment to push messages and news without any basis, triggering a panic that the market does not need right now. This is what we will try to do, as we have always done, even here

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