loaded with precious lions | How to buy them [GUIDA]

Today it's beautiful day du Loaded lions, the series of TVN numberplate - who is one of fall most anticipated of the year. As we have already said before, the fall will begin to 14:00 Italian time and will perform through the NFT platform de

As many of our readers have shown interest in purchasing these TVN, we decided to offer one mini guide the purchase, given that despite the large influx of potential customers, the procedure is not the most intuitive.

We will need a NFT account on its website as well as a Account go here to open it and also get $ 25 bonus, an account that will be useful to us in the future, if we do not already have it, even for invest in the best cryptocurrencies.

In the same application we will also find services for the passive incomeAs Compressor and therefore also staking, as well as also Crypto payment which we can also use as mode of paiement for the TVN.

See you at 14 p.m.: here's how to buy loaded Lions

From what was rumored on the official project page, the date is today at 14:00 p.m. Italian time, when I Loaded lions will appear on the NFT Market de Buying them is easy, although there is a prerequisite procedure that we can follow right now.

Maximum attention here, as this is a separate account. So even though we already have an account with we will still need to register. We follow the link, click Log in and enter an email and password.

We will receive an activation email, click on the confirmation link and we will have our account operational. Once the account is operational, we can also link our account It will be useful if we want to pay with ours later crypto-monnaies.

When the fall will be active - and it should happen in time to 14:00 today, will be available directly on the home page. We will click on the drop and we will have one in front of us filter to buy. We will have the opportunity to buy a maximum 5 DTV packages, each with a Charged lion.

Each package will cost $ 200. But how will we be able to pay? We can use both credit or debit card, and all the money we already have on the platform coming from sales of other NFTs. We can also pay with payment, it is the system which, through the application, allows us to spend the cryptocurrencies that we have in our wallet. Our advice, if you have cryptocurrencies that you have invested in and believe in, is to trade with paper or with stable currency.

Prepare on time: there are only 10 available

Anyone who is seriously interested in purchasing the Loaded lions he must prepare a few minutes in advance and hope to be able to grab them. THE'hype surrounding this project is very high and we believe that many will decide to buy the maximum of 5.

This would allow just over 2 people to take the i the Lions. Good luck to everyone - will participate in the purchase and we will keep everyone updated via ours official Twitter account, through which we will follow the operation minute by minute - and we will also share the the Lions who we hope can get us home.

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