CriptovalutaIt is the first Italian newspaper verified on Twitter!

EDITORIAL - “When only a few pixels can make the difference…”.

A very small white tick, collected inside an irregular blue circle: to obtain it is very difficult and apparently, if you are Italian, it is even more true. The data speaks for itself: so far it is only 416 thousand accounts verified by twitter all over the world, beyond 300 million of registered users.

It is precisely the recognition that social Twitter gives to the profiles it considers remarkable. Understanding the importance that Twitter attributes to verified profiles, on the other hand, is not so difficult: indeed, simply click/tap on the checkmark next to the name of a verified profile, to read the content of the pop. -up which is displayed. opens:

Account Info

This account is verified as rated notable in the Institutions, News, Entertainment, or other specific industry category. LEARN MORE

First Italian newspaper on Bitcoin and Crypto verified on Twitter

Yesterday, August 4, around 19:00 p.m. Italian time, the Twitter profile of (@CriptovalutaI) has been checked. A long and exhausting process. A goal that, now we can say without any problem, we have been pursuing for more than a year. To tell the truth, we were noticeably late Twittercompared to our competitors: we signed up at the end April 2021. Many of our crypto competitors and influencers, even those of moderate national renown, despite having signed on several years earlier, have still not received this recognition.

Twitter assigns the tick to the accounts it judges:

  • AUTHENTIC: The profile must be of a real identity with verified identity;
  • RATERS: the account must represent a famous brand or character, associated with different notoriety criteria predicted by Twitter;
  • ACTIVE: the account must be active, functional and must have a history of compliance with the rules predicted by Twitter.

Our experience on the verification process

Requests upon requests, for over a year, until accepted. A long and interminable process, the last in the chronological order (that of success!) which lasted more than two months. When you enter the so-called " Phase II“The verification, as it is done entirely by real people (not BOT!), It can also take around 45 days. Yes, because from request to denial it usually ranges from a few seconds (when Twitter immediately identifies that the very first criteria is missing) to a few hours: usually the more hours and days that pass from the request, the more you enter the order of ideas which: » sI, maybe I did!“. At least that's what our experience tells us.

Why is this news?

For the reasons mentioned above. To date, there are no verified accounts in Italy that deal exclusively with Bitcoin and Crypto related issues. We can say it without problem: we are the first made in Italy magazine to have received the coveted recognition from Twitter.

Without hypocrisy

We hope that ours is not just an isolated case in Italy, but the crossroads of a long series. For the Nice country this would amount to having acquired a significant specific weight in crypto-information on the most institutional social network where, for the moment (it goes without saying oath), the monopoly of the United States is at its peak.

A well-knit and qualitative community, even in the eyes of social networks, is fundamental in the long process of adoption Bitcoin Et Crypto, in which we believe so much. We all invest time, mental energy and economic resources every day, to ensure that what we believe in becomes more and more mass adoption.

What changes for the @cryptovalutaI profile?

The social media editorial cut that takes care of the Twitter profile ( @CryptocurrencyI ) remains substantially unchanged, and it's not hard to figure it out: when you request verification from Twitter and pass the first phase which can last up to 20 days, the account is subject to multiple quality checks by critical who will evaluate each behavior of the account, including obviously also the way in which it publishes and interacts with the community. If an account has been verified, it is because its way of doing things has been deemed appropriate, so why misrepresent it?

Thank you

This is the goal of the entire ecosystem. My thanks to the editor Gianluca Grossias well as my long-time friend and collaborator (as well as future partner, who knows… small spoiler!) and to all other internal and external collaborators who daily (or periodically, oath) work on the cause to achieve the objectives set.

Every day we try to do better than the previous one, well aware that it will certainly be less than what is to come.

Stay tuned. Stay on!

Managing Director – Alessio Ippolito [Alessio Ippolito SRL]

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