Create an NFT: what steps to follow to make money by selling digital assets?

Create an NFT: what steps to follow to make money by selling digital assets?

NFT stands for the abbreviation of the English term “Non Fungible Token”. In French, an NFT therefore means a “non-fungible token”. In the cryptocurrency space and especially in the business of creating digital artwork, you can create an NFT and make money selling digital assets. To achieve this, you must follow certain important steps. We reveal everything in this article to help you try to exceed the sales record of 69 million dollars made by Christie's.

The essential steps to create a non-fungible token

The innovation of a non-fungible token (NFT) goes through three main stages that you discover more by surfing on NFT Magazine. A platform that informs you daily about all the NFT news to help you earn more money.

In truth, the first step to creating a non-fungible token is to innovate a digital art file. The second step comes down to evaluating and positioning your work in the market. As for the last one, it simply requires your attention in relation to the offers.

NFT: innovate your digital art file

Generally speaking, there is no standard technique for creating artwork that can be used as NFT. You just need to create a file that is recognized in the market where you want to sell your NFTs.

The most impressive thing is that you can create various file types: TXT, PNG, JPG, MP3 or GIF. As you will understand, your NFT can be an image, a text, a recipe, etc.

NFT: evaluate your art and put it on a marketplace

Regarding this step, you just need to download your image from Kapwing and send it to Rarible as NFT. Remember that this is a simple action to be carried out in a short time. To do this, you don't have to panic!

To do this, take a look at Rarible and click on the "Create" tab. This is located on the right of your screen.

NFT: Monitor the different offers

NFT: Monitor the different offers
NFT: Monitor the different offers

As soon as you manage to create and put your art on the market, it will be visible to users or investors. It is from this moment that you will be able to receive offers for your NFT art.

In truth, this is the most important step. The various platforms for creating and putting works of art online do not provide information on your possible offers concerning your NFTs. To do this, it is up to you to check your notifications box daily to check whether you have received an offer or not.

It is therefore thanks to the sale of your work at a value that you consider important that you will be able to earn money. However, it must be pointed out that you may suffer big losses if you want to transfer your NFT from your wallet to another that does not take into account the rules relating to the token of your NFT.

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