Bitcoin and Ethereum Euro Futures

La USA they won't be the best place in the world to Bitcoin ETFs but on derivatives, they have absolutely no rival. The Chicago Trade Exchangethe most important place in the world for futures contracts, is indeed about to launch two new products with a crypto and BTC theme.

They will eventually be on Bitcoin et Ethereum listed in EUR, which are added to the many products that the place already offers, even denominated in dollars. This will result in a relatively reduced attractiveness, but nevertheless an excellent sign for the whole sector and in particular for $ BTC et $ETH.

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Futures in Euro on Bitcoin and Ethereum: carried out at the CME

For those who do not frequent the markets, this may seem like small news, and it is rather another sign of the enormous importance that Bitcoin et Ethereum they get on the squares that matter. In fact, we are talking about the listing of two new products, two futures on $ BTC et $ETH which will be listed on the world's largest derivatives market.

Of course, this is a plus, since there are already contracts and mini-contracts listed on U.S. dollars, a currency that remains the reference for everyone in high finance. But it's still important for those who want to expose themselves on CTB et ETH and at the same time toEUR. A sign of the enormous importance recognized today in this market also by the temple par excellence. In a country where SECOND he is still quite reluctant to admit negotiation FNB that own physical replicas of that type of asset.

Negotiations from August 29

For the opening of trade, however, it will be necessary to wait for the next 29 Augustso at least according to the announcement made on Twitter directly from CME.

We are about to launch Euro-denominated Bitcoin and Ether futures, a second currency pair for our cryptocurrency futures. You will be able to manage exposure to Ethereum and Bitcoin with your currency of choice from August 29.

It's in a short time therefore, and we will see, among other things, what kind of volumes such a solution will be able to generate. They will certainly be lower than those linked to the dollar United Statesalthough we could also see some unexpected surprises, in a market phase that registers great movements also on the currency side.

Overall, excellent news, and further confirmation for those who doubt the stability of this market even in the medium and long term. Because the movements of CME they are worth, and even a lot, especially in terms of the reputation of the underlying asset.

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