Colombia: PRO Bitcoin Revolution? | The new president sponsors…

We talked a lot about the new Chairman of the Colombiabut no newspaper main stream went to dig into his past bitcoinistor rather, of a politician relatively attentive to what may be the result of a large adoption of bitcoin globally, or at least from Colombia.

And no one went to investigate when he recovered positively Nayib Bukelewho certainly cannot be considered a politician from the same region, holding Bitcoin excluding. We have done so and we are ready to tell you that indeed the new president of the Colombia it is, at least as far as Bitcoin is concerned, one of ours.

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Central and South America with crypto traction? Here's what you need to know

The new president of the Colombia would have experience as a supporter of Bitcoin. Indeed, he would have received some initiatives in beauty with great enthusiasm Le Salvadorespecially those related to BTC mining using renewable energy. Which, according to him, would also be possible in Colombiaeven to replace the flourishing cocaine trade.

What if the Pacific Rim harnessed the steep waterfalls of the Western Range rivers, producing energy to replace cocaine with energy to use for cryptocurrencies? Virtual currency is pure information, therefore energy.

Despite the poetic closure of the Michel saylora certainly interesting point of view, which came to comment on what was said by Nayib Bukele at the time, on the possibility of making Bitcoin mining using volcanic energy. Is that enough to get excited about this president? Absolutely not, but it's still nice to see someone with broader views at least limited to Bitcoin, leaving aside all the controversies that a character with such a political background will bring with him.

Bitcoin removes the issuing power of the states and the seigniorage of the currency practiced by the banks. It is a community currency, which is based on the trust of those who deal with it, because it is based on the blockchain, trust is measured and grows, hence its strength.

A message that we admit not having understood in several points (or perhaps it was he who did not understand?) but which in any case seems to us to be very open towards Bitcoin.

Trust politicians? Let's look at the historian

Politicians who approached Bitcoin then do an inversion a tu we saw several. As we have always said, it is not Bitcoin to need politics (moreover, he was born precisely not to need it) but of politicians who sometimes seek a crutch of popularity by citing it.

We will see and follow the path of the new Colombian president, without expecting much. In the hope that it's not a other New York Adams. The risk is always there, so always be careful before creating new idols.

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