Coinbase Launches NFT Marketplace | Easier to create, buy and sell tokens

Great news that comes from Coinbase. The popular exchange has indeed announced the integration of a NFT Market - the latest arrivals on a market among the liveliest and most flourishing of this new était of cryptocurrencies and blockchains.

A movement - according to the press release published by the stock exchange - to offer news economic freedom all over the world - which would be, always according to the group - the main mission the company.

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Coinbase's NFT Marketplace Is Coming: Here's How It Will Work

In the'Coinbase's announcement a few hours ago all the details of the operation are contained. It will first be a market de TVN peer-to-peer and creating, buying, selling and even posting non-fungible tokens. The first objective is The ease of use - allow more and more people to be part of this interesting market.

Interface user-friendly and the possibility of turning the complexity inherent in such a process background, that is, without users, especially beginners - necessarily having to tinker with the technical details.

User control

Part of the experience that Coinbase getting ready will be based on the full control by the user. All the TVN will be stored on the blockchain - and will start with support for NFT protocols from Ethereum, then extend support to others blockchain in the future.

Another important issue is the commitment on the part of Coinbase not to create mechanisms of lock: NFTs will be transferable elsewhere at any time - allowing an additional degree of freedom for users who wish to use these systems.

What does this mean for the NFT world?

It means a lot: one of the most important players in the cryptocurrency world, as well as the first cryptocurrency exchange the world to be listed on the stock exchange will allow the creation of TVN and their management and sale, even on different blockchains. A step that seems more important to us than that which was taken, for example, by Binance just a few months ago.

It will be a very important vehicle for the entire sector of non-fungible tokens - sector that does not want to mention declining in terms of popularity and reach. A sector that is already depopulating even in the big auction houses, with Sotheby's which will also launch new auctions in the multiverse.

A golden moment for the entire industry - although that doesn't mean that all TVN bought and sold today will retain their value. Our invitation is always to carefully evaluate any type of purchase in this direction - and in the case of opting for blockchains that strongly support the growth of the movement, such as Ethereum, But also Cardano Et Solarium.

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