Coca Cola launches its NFTs | Polygon will be a technology partner

Coke prepares NFT Pride Seriesa collection of Non-fungible token Thème Pride. Proceeds from the sale will be donated in full to OUTSIDEa South African community that provides free health care.

The beverage giant's commitment to the community LGBTQIA+ comes to life through collaboration with Polygonwho will provide block chain for minting tokens, sold at the base price of 1 ETH.

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Coca Cola for Pride, on NFT

OUTSIDE is the second association LGBT oldest of all South Africa, committed to providing physical and psychological assistance to bisexual, lesbian, gay and transgender communities. Since 1994the organization is active in the field of combating gender discrimination and homophobic hate crimes.

The services provided start from a multidisciplinary approach to offer assistance at three hundred and sixty degrees. Victims of abuse can contact the staff of OUTSIDE for help that takes the form of physical care, psychological assistance and, where necessary, legal support. Among the services provided, there is no shortage of sex education and awareness-raising on the use of contraceptive practices and methods.

Proponents of the project include resounding names such as YOU SAIDthe agency for international development strongly desired by the late president John Fitzgerald Kennedy. Supporters to which is added today that of Cokewho, with the artist Rich Mnisi is preparing a collection of NFT be sold and then assigned to the cause.

Rich Mnisi he can count on a large audience of followers, who follow him in his community support campaigns LGBT in South Africa, where the artist is very popular. The collaboration with Coke thus represents the ideal closure of a circle so dear to a Mnis about the multinational.

The NFT Pride series is inspired by the law of conservation of energy: in nature nothing is created and nothing is destroyed, but everything transforms from one form of energy to another. For love, the same rule applies. Being free in love puts us in touch with the energy that resides within each of us.

Statements attributed to senior management of Coke create a short circuit which at this stage is inevitable, and sends us back to the third protagonist of this story, Polygonwho will provide block chain to monetize NFT Pride Series.

Polygon the favorite of the big brands

Polygon therefore amounts to linking its image to that of organizations or events in which attention is focused on important issues such as environmental causes or, as in this case, human rights. THE 136 NFTs will be hit on the green project and distributed on OpenSea at the minimum price of 1 Ethereum.

The announcement also comes days after what he saw Decentralized Et The sandbox committed to supporting Pide from New York with collateral initiatives. In this case, we were talking about gatherings on metaverse this would have allowed users to participate in the event even remotely, helping to reach an even wider pool of people.

We are witnessing here the multinational corporation par excellence that takes the side of communities that increasingly see their identity rights flouted and, at best, hindered. An important position on the part of Coketo whom we applaud, who will not miss new opportunities to engage with an audience increasingly accustomed to crypto-monnaies and derived technologies.

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