Citigroup Hires 100 Crypto Specialists | Here's what the bank is up to

Citigroup, one of the largest banks in the world, will while in the world of crypto-monnaies. The group is looking for, after having hired a high-level manager for the section cryptography, others 100 professionalism in the same area.

It's also a news Very important for the world of crypto-monnaies - since one of the gods now openly takes sides groupes most relevant in the international banking industry. It is also a sign that the cascade effect has now been triggered and that no one will be able to afford to stay out of it, even the groups which historically would have, on paper, more to lose in operations of this type.

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Citigroup wants to enter the crypto world as a leader

Banks entering the world of crypto-monnaies there are many. JP Morgan offers trading and investment management activities, as well as in various capacities Morgan Stanley Et Buoy. However the entry of Citigroup in the world of Bitcoin it would be one of the most important, even in comparison with what has happened in other intermediaries and institutes.

Indeed, according to what was broadcast by the group, the Bank looking 100 talent profiles in the domain of digital asset and in particular cryptocurrencies. The mind can only run to Bitcoin as well as to the sector of decentralized finance, with the second which will be, by return mail, the hub of the entire international banking sector.

We also remind our readers that in reality the group had already said they were ready to offer BTC Futures mode OTC, or with the bank to act as clearing house.

Statement by Emily Turner

Emily turner, that for Citigroup is leader of the digital product development division, confirmed that the bank is exploring options to offer services related to crypto-monnaies to its customers. The company, still according to what has been declared by Turner, would be to analyze the markets to decide on the type of services to offer. For now, it would therefore be mainly purchase, as well as keep Et to sell of securities related to the world of crypto-currencies and Bitcoin.

However, the planned hiring of many connoisseurs believe, at least to our analysts, that soon the bank will also look at options decentralized for the exchange of securities and assets. Which, at least in our opinion, should be the most interesting sector for the big banks retail and business.

Meanwhile, financial and technology specialists from crypto-monnaies they are among the professionals most sought after by banks and businesses. Another unequivocal sign of the great ride to which the secteur. Race which will have repercussions, at least in our opinion, also on the price of the main active.

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