CitiGroup will retain Bitcoin and crypto | Agreement with Metaco

Aussi CitiGroup in the business of custody of digital assets and therefore of Bitcoin. The large banking group has indeed announced its partnership with the Swiss company Metacowho will take care of the effective custody of the digital assets group customers.

A movement that we do not hesitate to qualify as an era for the sector, and that in a certain sense we expected, even if it is not from this group. It's also highly relevant that news like this is coming in a market phase that just a few months ago would have pushed institutional traders away.

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Citigroup ready to get into bitcoin and digital asset custody business

Which could also mean other cryptocurrencies, but the news has already gone around the world as it will be Bitcoin be at the heart of this innovation, which Citigroup it will eventually deliver to all customers who need this type.

We are talking, for those who do not know, of a group that he almost manages $30 billion in assets and that as well as a group detail it is also a leading investment bank, one of the largest in the world.

The daycare service will be offered in partnership with the Swiss company Metacowhose technology will be directly integrated into the services of Citigroupin a way that will always be reveal.

Also interesting is the fact that Metaco is able to handle liquidity pool which are used internally to offer crypto-themed lending and credit services. Something that could be integrated into the future of the agreement.

An important step forward for Citigroup as evidenced also by the comment coming from the bank.

We have before our eyes the rapid digitization of traditional investment assets, as well as the growth of natively digital assets.

A market situation that will develop in the future, once we leave behind us the complicated market phase, mainly dictated by the poor situation of the international financial markets.

Other banks will soon follow Citigroup's example

Although at least in our country the resistances are different, with groups of a certain size who do not want to do anything about it, Bitcoin will continue to grow for this type of service as well and will in all likelihood lead to many banks following the movement of Citigroup.

We will see who will be the most receptive and which of the largest banking groups in the world will end up trying to anticipate the future of not only free money, but also the world of financial assets.

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