Chiliz: $ CHZ boom | Agreement with Bologna, Monaco and Denver Nuggets

After a long hiatus the token $ CHZ, which is linked as they say to the world of sport, is back in the news, thanks to an important Leap Forward in terms of price.

A tree which follows a long series of excellent news for the protocol, which was able to do well even during the last round of the Ligue des champions, who has seen many team which are part of the protocol engaged in meet followed by millions of people in Europe Where in the world.

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Chiliz: many new chords - here are which ones

The new agreements signed by the protocol partly push the adoption accelerator, which is led by Chiliz and who uses this cryptocurrency as a basis for the exchange also with the fan token which are allocated to each club. But let's go in order.

The Bologna is the last of the Italian teams to join the parterre of teams supported by social Et Chiliz. The token $ BFC is already available on the platform Chiliz and adds, limiting itself to Italy, to what is already offered to fans of Rome, Juventus, Milan Et Inter.

The Principality's team was also announced, with perfect timing, as a new partner of the protocol Chiliz. There will still be a token for fans, through which you can vote on issues concerning the club, or be able to access bespoke exclusive, as happened for example to fans of Manchester City.

A path which then develops in NBA - latest arrivals i Denver Nuggets - and other American professional sports leagues. A very dense schedule, which continues to expand the total and absolute domination of this cryptocurrency in the world of sport, despite Binance, that she cornered Lazio Et Port (The Harbour District) for the first two lessons pilot projects from fan token on BSC.

The world of sport will become big again - and with it Chiliz

All this at a time that is still relatively complex for the world of sport, which is not yet at full speed after restrictions because of COVID-19 [female and the related pandemic.

With the return of supporters to stadiums and arenas - and hopefully with the gradual relaxation of measures also in Italy - Chiliz will have an even larger audience of potential interested parties - and will therefore be able to continue on this one road enlargement of your own operations. And following an increase in the price and value of his token $ CHZ.

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