Celsius: Alitalia among the creditors! Have you invested in crypto? | In the list there is also the WEF…

Who followed the story on Cryptocurrency.it will already know that the case of Celsius arrived in court, creditors registering in the appropriate register in order to be taken into account in the process debt restructuring which is the specific bankruptcy procedure chosen by the group.

Among the names, as reported Ricardo Masuttifigure too Alitaliawhich we can now define as former standard bearer of our village, a company that has suffered significant losses for decades and represents one of the Treasury's largest charges. A borderline situation science fictionwhich, however, might be different from what one might actually get from a cursory examination of the data from the process.

Hard to think it's a direct investment on the platform, and judging by the other registered debtors, at least for those who are not covered by secretyou would think that many of them must in fact be collected for liability contracts of Celsius, perhaps for flight supplies or aircraft rental. Let's try to clarify this.

Alitalia listed among Celsius' creditors

The news, if the local press were a little more attentive to how taxpayers' money is spent, it should have made the rounds of the front pages of the newspapers by now. Instead, by collecting the report from Masutti on Twitter we believe we are the first to spread the news, in the hope that the many power watchdogs don't end up burying their heads in the ground once again and pretending that nothing happened.

We summarize the question for those who have not followed from the beginning Celsius crack history and the resulting procedure bankruptcy. Celsius, due to the collapse of the market for crypto-monnaies, proved to be insolvent and therefore to block the possibility of withdrawal of its customers. One of the most striking of the infection which affected various operators in the crypto world and various funds.

The proceedings were taken to court, where Celsius have chosen the procedure ex chapter 11a procedure which in a few words provides for an attempt to restructure the debt and which serves in the short and very short term to protect the lack by creditors, giving them time to try to get back on their feet.

Alitalia is also on the list of creditors

The news would be laughable were it not for a company that lived on injections of public money for more than a decade and is now gone to make way for ITAan umpteenth attempt at reorganization, and an umpteenth attempt which is currently costing several million taxpayers.

In fact, it is stated in the document Alitaliaformer national airline of our country, which therefore appears in the list of those who have credit positions towards Celsius itself. In excellent company, we add, because they are also present, for example Amazon and numerous public companies and regulatory bodies.

There are two possibilities :

  • a direct investment from Alitalia

Which would be particularly curious given the financial situation and the income of the company, which has always prospered thanks to the injections of public money. It would be a rash investment in very high-risk assets, ill-suited for a business of this type.

  • These are payments for services already provided and never paid for

And that would explain the presence of companies like YouTubePremiumbut also Amazon, Wolters Kluwer, Verizonbut also Lufthansa and many other airlines. Just as it is present for example Ikeaas well as several hotel and hotel companies.

Even the World Economic Forum among the creditors

We don't want to add fuel to the fire of the conspiracybut curious that the World Economic Forumwho already has a foot and a half in various crypto projects and it's unclear to what extent he boasts credits against the now nearly bankrupt group.

All in a list of thousands of pages that offers us perhaps for the first time an understanding of the scope of the service and the number of people who participated. In the hope, of course, that hard-earned taxpayers' money didn't end up in the middle of this terrible story.

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