Cardano joins the Linux Foundation | First Nonprofit Gold Member

Amazing development where it came from Summit OSthe most important conference for open source software and for Linux. gimbals it will actually be part of the Linux Foundation with status Orbefore no profit to reach such a level.

Not just a publicity stunt, but a stunt that might help gimbals to find support from what the project is today Open source the most famous and widely used of all time. News that few expected and that once again certifies that, although with some difficulty, the expansion of the ecosystem gimbals.

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Cardano joins the Linux Foundation

Turn for gimbalswhich through the account of the foundation which controls it has announced its entry into the Linux Foundation as a member or. News that was later also picked up by Foundation herself via her Twitter account.

Open Source is about community. It's about bringing together people from different companies, different countries and different backgrounds. The Cardano Foundation is focused on increasing the adoption of blockchain technology and we strongly believe in building a vibrant and open source community around our technology, which is part of achieving our primary goal. The Linux Foundation, with its incredible track record as an aggregator of collaborations around interesting open source projects, is the perfect place for us.

This is the comment of Dirk Höhndelwhich covers inside gimbals the role of Director of Open Source. Comment to which was added that of Jim Zemlinwho is the executive director of the foundation that deals with Linux.

The Cardano Foundation represents a natural pathway for the adoption of blockchain technologies, to enable distributed computing for different sets of applications. With Dirk at the helm of Cardano and the strong community already supporting the network, we are happy to offer our resources to build together into the future.

Enthusiastic comments which however do not reveal any other agreement in the future and in what way gimbals can be coordinated with future efforts by Linux.

No, this does not mean automatic inclusion, but it is still an important step

Someone on social media started speak possibility of automatic integration of gimbals within the main Linux distributions: this is not the case, since each distribution decides independently which software to integrate.

However it is still a excellent step forward for Cardano, which will thus gain visibility in one of the most relevant software communities in the world. Communities that already know the world of Open Source very well and will now have a representative of the world block chain within the foundation that governs their operating system.

Something that we think could have some interesting effects on Cardano Forecast, which still indicate much higher price levels than the current ones. Predictions that could also be confirmed with the arrival of the next update, delayed due to the correction of certain bugs.

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