Pension fund: 8 billion invested in DeFi

La pension fonds de Fairfax Countywho manages almost 8 billion in assetsrecently approved an investment of 70 million in funds linked to the DeFiin what is a movement that we do not hesitate to define as a surprise, in particular because of the unsatisfactory market conditions that we have been commenting on for a few weeks now.

An investment that will not be made directly in cryptocurrencies, but as we will see in fonds who in turn invest in the world of agriculture thematic feedback DeFi. A sign of enormous importance for the whole sector and for that too second level of products a crypto theme who are slowly making their way to the highest levels of finance.

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Pension funds are also in the crypto fever

Pension funds are also turning with increasing conviction to the world of crypto-monnaies and in particular to that of decentralized finance – as in the case of the pension fund Fairfax Countywhich has almost under management 8 billion overall and recently received investment approval from 70 million on two crypto-related funds.

He is going to invest 35 million in the fund dedicated to agricultural yield de Parataxis and other 35 at the bottom of vaneck which operates in the same sector, thus using tools that will take care of the meticulous day-to-day management.

Among other things, it would not be the first investment of its kind for the pension fund, which already from 2019 would have carried out operations of this type, with for example 50 million already invested in the fund dedicated to block chain - in Morgan Creek. A very important step that allows us to understand another important fact: even pension funds are now looking with conviction (and with capital) at a sector which for many is still too embryonic to consider it as a investment grade. And rather in the United States something is already moving.

And in Europe?

It is difficult to say whether this type of investment will also become practical in Europewhile in reality we are facing a continent where pension funds are structured differently, they have portfolios managed in a way more bank and they hardly venture into this type of business, also because they often have capital under management. reduces.

We have a lot at stake, and we are (it's true) still in the phase embryonic. However, the influx of funds of this magnitude should make even the most skeptical thinkers, especially those who continue to have stocks on the world of DeFi stronger, like that of AAV or Compoundtwo protocols that we have also mentioned because they are the most open to investors, including at the institutional level.

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