Bitcoin terrorizes JP Morgan | Towards $ 60 fed by fear of banks ...

Here we go again: The gotha du international finance still moves against Bitcoin - or rather - publicly attacks the cryptocurrency in the classic mechanism of virtue signaling. A world at risk of being swept away by revolution Bitcoin - who works to win the front pages of newspapers with what is, for all intents and purposes, the swan song.

This time to attack Bitcoin and CEO de JP Morgan, who in the meantime, however, collects Millions of dollars in commissions by selling financial products to their own clients Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies.

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JP Morgan CEO: "Bitcoin is worth zero

A rather curious statement from someone who represents one of the leaders of international capitalism - too intelligent and too knowledgeable about the markets to honestly use the concept of intrinsic value. Bitcoin - and it would be enough to open any site dedicated to quotes - today it is trading for more 57 000 $, which means there are thousands of people willing to pay that price. But beyond the absurd concept of intrinsic value - especially for a financial title - comes from the declaration of the commander-in-chief of JP Morgan that we will leave.

Personally, I think Bitcoin is of no value. Regardless, our clients are consenting adults and they disagree. This is what creates markets. If they want to have access to Bitcoin, we can't offer them custody, but at the same time, we can offer the best channels to do so.

Or in other words, JP Morgan is already earning significant numbers of Bitcoin - but we do not intend to support it. Indeed, in accordance with the prevailing idea today, a Washington, we think it is fundamentally worthless. A position which is on the one hand alignment with the political, on the other hand a demonstration of a hypocrisy that the major players in the international financial markets have always shown - and will continue to demonstrate.

Why is this good news? Because this statement smacks of fear

And this is not the first time that this has happened, neither by JP Morgan, nor by other banks of the same or almost the same importance internationally. A position that certainly cannot be shared by cryptocurrency enthusiasts and at this point, by James Dimon's own admission, not even come bank customers, who are often among the most important economic players in the world.

A kind of swan song for the banks which fear today more than ever of losing their relevance both because of Bitcoin and because of the decentralized finance, which, eliminating the need for an intermediary, would hit the big banks where they are most interested in it, i.e. in the wallet.

If, until recently, they could afford to ignore bitcoin and not to speak about it in public, today the elephant in the room is of such a size that no one can afford to pretend that it does not exist. And such a situation can only be interpreted by us as a further push haussier.

All this time Soros has already invested in Bitcoin, as we have already pointed out in national and European preview right on pages. And while the funds seems to be the engine of this last bull run.

Make it clear that the advice of a big blow, as important as it is, today is like trying to stop the wind with your hands. Impossible thing, especially when the wind is as strong as the Bitcoin bull run. We, who will certainly be less known than CEO of JP Morgan - we continue to focus on Bitcoin target price very interesting and in all likelihood on 100 000 $ by the end of the year.

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