Bitcoin for Houston rockets | Tickets and sponsors in $ BTC - News

Fever Bitcoin also enter NBA. The Houston Rockets, one of the historic teams of the franchise du american basketball will be paid by a new sponsor in Bitcoin.

An almost absolute novelty in the industry, which is precisely related to the nature of the sponsor himself. In fact, we are talking about NYDIG, a company in the crypto sector that we already have spoken several times on our pages. This is excellent news for the sector, which we will analyze in our in-depth analysis.

Good news for Bitcoinbecause the sponsorship will be accompanied by global initiatives in the Houston area. It can be found on eToro - go here to get free virtual account with all active features - intermediary that allows you to invest in bitcoin with exclusive fintech services.

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NYDIG is one of the most important companies in the USA when it comes to providing services cryptography Et Bitcoin large corporations, banks and institutional clients. The group has also recently been linked to major US investment banks and has started to harness its economic strength also for advertising purposes - and for major sponsorship campaigns like the one in question.

From basketball to business management, our organization has always been at the forefront of technological advances. The partnership with NYDIG allows us to leverage the growth of Bitcoin to also offer innovative payments to our fans.

This is the statement of Gretchen Sheirr, who is president of the Houston Rockets' commercial division. A division that suggests the basketball team will start accepting payments in $ BTC.

We're excited to have found a forward-looking partner with the Houston Rockets and the Fertitta family, who understand that by embracing Bitcoin, businesses and brands can build loyalty and expand their reach. The Rockets will be paid in Bitcoin and this partnership highlights our business in the Houston area and the Bitcoin innovation that takes place there. This partnership will accelerate the adoption of Bitcoin for all.

It is rather the comment of Kelly brawster, who is NYDIG's marketing leader and personally closed the deal, but the numbers are not yet public.

In addition to sponsorship various initiatives will be activated, such as education programs, payment ecosystem and initiatives with the fan community. The initiative will also NYDIG put his name on the suites of Toyota Center, which from this moment will be called Bitcoin Suites by NYDIG.

A big step forward for Bitcoin - which will thus also find exposure to an audience which, at least in part, is not exposed to the world of crypto-currencies. It is also a sign of the now unstoppable cascading effect that the world of “classic” economics is going through. Bitcoin is here to stay, despite a complicated market phase, with the crypto currency par excellence which today has still lost its share 59 000 $ with the bears appearing to be, at least for now, under control.

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