Bitcoin: The Price May Soar | Retail is coming soon

This Bitcoin is back in open bull run it shouldn't be a mystery to anyone now. The piece of money king of the market continues to sail well above the 57 500 $, after a series of sideways moves that would seem to suggest further growth, with all-time highs now just a step away.

There is however something curious - because the so-called would still be missing individual investors, that is to say small and medium investors - outside the circuit of large funds and large managers. Good, even excellent news, because when the FOMO will trigger - and it will be inevitable - the Courses it could even increase in intensity.

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Bitcoin on top - but for now, professionals are pushing

A great sign for Bitcoin that maybe for the first time in his life he is not pushed by him cash purchases small investors who do not want to miss the train, but professionals. To be far cryptocurrency trading, both through much more substantial investments, such as the mysterious order of almost 2 billion Last week. A very interesting situation for the world of Bitcoin, because the absence of small investors indicates that we are not yet in full bull run.

Miss the FOMO or afraid to miss which has been the main driver of the growth of BTC and other cryptocurrencies. A sign that even though the engines are already hot enough, there will likely be more fun in the coming weeks.

Where are the small BTC investors?

Probably still asleep - waiting for what is historically the best time for them to invest - which is the one that starts in November and runs until February. The same period as last year had guaranteed the first big race for Bitcoin and also for the rest of the cryptocurrency world. Months in which, in 2021, we hope that the doubts weighing on the economy and the stock markets in this turbulent summer will also have been lifted.

Of the case Evergrande, which continues to threaten - at least according to some analysts - the stability of Attached - even in the absence of solid evidence of the potential involvement of the stable currency par excellence - up to the upward and downward trend of European scholarships.

FOMO Around The Corner: $ 60 Could Start Another Bitcoin Rush

Even though individual investors they seem to be calmer in recent weeks, at least compared to the last bull run - it is psychology and its thresholds that must be looked at if we want to understand if, how and when the race to buy even by very small investors will resume.

We believe this 60 000 $ could be the threshold of race to purchases also from those who traditionally invest in other sectors, as this would be proof of the fact that, even if they are bought in Pic, Bitcoin can actually come back at the same level even after a fierce correction like that of last may.

The fight against altcoins: is it still Bitcoin season?

In all this, we should also see a return to the vogue of altcoin, who at least last week suffered a bit there dominance of Bitcoin, which has returned to very high levels.

This alternation, the cycle now typical of the crypto-currency world, could delay the arrival of $ BTC about the $ 60 fee? This is not necessarily said - because the recovery of the market altcoin could register greater growth of the latter compared to BTC, but not necessarily in the correction of the king of crypto.

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