Bitcoin and Ethereum in US Senate legislation | The SEC would still be excluded

We tell you about the infighting between the agencies United StatesThème crypto, there is time. And we have also already spoken to you about the fact that several would have tried to pass their law and therefore their conception of the management of the market Bitcoin and crypto-monnaies.

Now, to support us, comes what has been broadcast since US Senatewhere a new bill would take shape, fitting in part, in part with what we can understand replacement this side bipartisan deja vu signed by Cynthia lummis.

Again for SECOND there is little to appreciate. Which gives us a corner of strong optimism about what will happen in the United States and how the situation will evolve in the most important of the savings of the world. We can invest with - go here to get a free virtual account with the best trading tools - intermediary that allows us to invest on 476+ crypto assetsincluding the one Bitcoin and thatEthereum which are the main subject of this proposal.

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Again SEC off Bitcoin and Ethereum

Even this proposal, which comes from Debbie Stabenowwho sits in the agricultural boardwould remove the SEC from at least the regulation of Bitcoin and Ethereum. And it would be great anyway newsfor all the reasons we have already discussed in the pages of But let's do it in order.

  • Ethereum and Bitcoin led by CFCT

Which state agency primarily handles derivatives and futures in the market? raw material. It's a very hard blow for SECONDwho although now resigned having to make do with the rest of the market outside Bitcoinnow sees another proposal coming from the Senate that he would like exclude it also the rest.

  • So the bulk of crypto would not be financial security

And that against what is the discipline that --Gary Gensler try to to impose, not without direct interest. If in fact this specific reading were to prevail, we would be faced with an absolute and total domination of SECOND In the field. This would be very restrictive for the future development of the sector.

  • Do you also punish lobbying activities?

Activities that would push everyone enemies de Bitcoin in the arms of SECOND, knowing in advance that it would be a mortal embrace or almost. A characters potentially involved he also had to "retreat" from the top of his company, which would be a double whammy to take.

The fact is that despite the desire run give the whole sector a unitary discipline, we will now enter the phase that we can consider legislative competitionwhere there will be different groups and members of the senate and congress trying to put their hats on the law that will govern Bitcoin Et crypto in the most financially important economy in the world.

In any event, the SEC ruled out

And on this subject, it would seem that there is now little, if not very little, to discuss. SECOND in fact, she couldn't seem to have found anyone's support in hers fight to grab at least a slice of the crypto market.

Which, we repeat again this time, is to be avoided by all those who care about this sector and do not want to see it die under a mountain of limitations, investigations, lawsuits and even whims de Gensler. Too bad, even if there may still be surprises.

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