Bitcoin and crypto run on Aston Martin!

Aussi Aston Martin catch a fever Crypto-currencies and announces the integration of payment systems that will allow you to pay from the online store with Bitcoin and with other selected cryptocurrencies.

All related to F1 team who are heading towards the very important British brand of carfor a sympathy operation that will aim, in an industry like luxury cars, to win the sympathy of crypto enthusiasts and Bitcoin who sometimes also have significant capital to invest. Of course, at the moment it will not be possible to buy cars, but it is still a great sign of what is happening in the sector.

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Even Aston Martin in the crypto world: you pay in Bitcoin and…

Aussi Aston Martin he wants to be seen ready for a revolution that also affects the world of payments. Let's talk about the world of crypto and Bitcoinwhich will soon appear in the magasin en ligne of the English house, one of the best known in the world of racing and also for the segment supercar. In fact, according to what was published by the group, thanks to Partnership with the group will begin to accept Payments in different cryptocurrencies directly to yours official shop. According to what is reported by the team itself, this is the first experience for a Formula 1 team with payments in crypto assets.

Our mission to is to accelerate the global transition to cryptocurrencies, and an important part of that transition is to empower customers and merchants through cryptocurrencies. Our partnership with Aston Martin is the perfect case, proving just how versatile cryptocurrency payments have become. We are happy to continue our work with AMF1 and to push the use of cryptocurrencies as a means of payment.

This is the comment of Steven KalifowitzWhich one is CMO de and this was expressed directly in the press release of the team of Formula 1., Formula 1 and big sport

This is not the first time that the world of Formula 1 approximates that of crypto and vice versa. Already gave the name to the Miami GP and many other exchanges participated with sponsorships for different teams.

FTX sponsors Mercedes as good as Ferrari has an agreement with Velasfor a high-profile sport that obviously attracts big companies in the crypto industry, looking for some kind of legitimacy even among the general public.

Another great sign, both for the crypto world and for – which also prepares the biggest sporting eventthis time a soccer theme. We stay tuned.

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