Bitcoin and crypto, let's talk Mastercard!

MasterCardamong the most important intermediaries in the world with regard to i micro-paymentsreturns to express itself in relation to the world of crypto-monnaies and he does this by reiterating what has always been the position regarding Bitcoin and the rest of the sector.

Payment tools? According MasterCard no, but rather a new asset class that is also struggling to rank within old categories of classical finance. A approval not bad, which came among others from one of the summits of the group and not by a "simple" analyst.

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Mastercard on the crypto and Bitcoin side, but not for…

Not for payments, although the group has already done a lot to integrate stablecoin and other types of solutions within its circuits. Talking is the CFOor Financial director groupe Sachin Mehrawhich intervenes directly in response to a specific question on the strategy of MasterCard regarding cryptocurrencies.

In the crypto world, we play a ramp role, with people primarily using our products such as debit and credit cards to purchase cryptocurrencies. But we also act as an exit ramp: because when people want to monetize, we help them access it wherever Mastercard is accepted.

It concerns the role that MasterCard thinks he can occupy on the market of Bitcoin Et crypto-monnaiesit's mostly like channel on ramp and off ramp. However, there is more to come out of an interview that we think will be very interesting.

We believe it is a new asset class and not a payment instrument.

At least not for now, though VISAwhich is the main current on a world scale for MasterCard has already opened the use of stablecoin also as an end-to-end transfer.

Crypto here to stay: and this is further proof

We are very far, for those who were there, from what happened in 2018 also in this sense. That is to say that we are no longer faced with a situation at risk for the survival of the entire sector. Indeed, with the commitment of companies such as MasterCard it is more than clear that there are high expectations for the future of the sector.

With MasterCard who for the moment less involved than VISAeven if very active for example in the world NFT. It was announced a few days ago the launch of initiatives with Miami and TIMEbecause it has already started there collaboration with The Sandbox and Immutable X.

And who knows if other news of this magnitude will not arrive by return mail, news that would only confirm the great commitment of the group within this new and interesting sector.

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