Bitcoin is free in Russia | Confirmation of government arrival

No, the Russia does not intend to ban crypto-currencies following the path, in fact unique, already marked by China. This is what emerges from a statement by Alexei Moiseev - alternate del Ministry of Finance Russian, as reported by Interfax.

A news that comes to bring back the calm in the markets, with Bitcoin that just in the afternoon he came back above $ 56, in a day of constants lateral movements - rush towards, at least according to analysts, the attack of historic peaks.

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Russia won't follow China on Bitcoin

This is the big news of the day: the Russia would not intend to follow in the footsteps of the China in regards to Bitcoin or other cryptocurrencies. The statement was reported by Halifax and has been published to the press since vice du Ministry of Finance from Moscow.

True, citizens may have a portfolio within the Russian Federation, a different matter for those open abroad, which may be subject to bans. It is about financial sovereignty.

This is the comment of moderate opening - in a country where most crypto-amateurs they had feared the worst, fearing an end in style Chinese which would have made it inaccessible for millions of Chinese citizens the world of cryptocurrencies.

All this in a country where in reality cryptocurrencies are discussed very frequently, even at the political level, among parliamentarians who are calling for a ban on non-professional investors and those who, on the other hand, demand regulation also for use in terms of local payments. Which is now possible - except for civil servants.

However, concerns remain about Moiseev that the excessive use of cryptocurrencies in transactions could attack Russian sovereignty in terms of issuance and management of the monetary base. More than legitimate concern - because it is also one of the goals of the cryptocurrency world.

In other parts of the world, on the other hand, we are traveling towards full openness

De Brazil who should discuss reform libertarian for crypto-currencies up to the small state of Tonga, Via Panama, Uruguay but also Ukraine. There are different countries that after the happy experience of El Salvador would like to open up to cryptocurrencies, albeit in different terms.

Very few seem to be ready to follow the China in its authoritarian spiral which made any type of transaction with crypto-currencies illegal. With all due respect to those who have invested in this fantastic world and today - albeit obliquely - can sleep peacefully even in fly.

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