Bitcoin between the United States and Venezuela | Adoption faster than the Internet

One week, yet another, relatively complex for the markets - with Bitcoin which, however, despite the bad air in mainstream financial markets, continues to stay in target - despite a mini-correction in recent hours.

There are several very interesting news from the last few hours that are pushing gas du BTC price - which is likely to occur over a period of time smeared for the next few days and for the next few weeks. The problem of Chinese miner definitely came back - and from aAdoption there is equally important news.

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Minors? Almost everyone in America now. The end of the great escape

The hashrate of Bitcoin is back in citation and today it is very close to the maximum reached before chinese crack which also forced rather structured realities to go underground. The situation had caused more than a few concerns among fans and now it can be said, however, that it has completely come back.

From what was posted by Cambridge Center for Alternative Finance more ... than 30% dehash of Bitcoin is now in the United States, with annual growth of over 400%. Good news for Bitcoin? Yes, at least for those who have always used the large amount of hash operating in China as a reason to attack $ BTC and its decentralization.

This is not the only story that can allow us to have a prospect very positive on Bitcoin and therefore also on the rest of the sector. Because in the last few hours some important news has arrived on the adoption side as well. With the bank resistance which is now a small thing compared to the big growth of $ BTC also as a payment tool.

At Caracas airport you will also pay in Bitcoin

The Venezuela, also taking into account the known problems of hyperinflation and the difficulty of accès au foreign currency For some time now, we have been moving towards the world of cryptocurrencies. The latest news in this direction comes from the large airport of Caracas, which according to what was published yesterday, will allow the purchase of plane tickets and other services via Bitcoin.

Other cryptocurrencies such as Hyphen Et Petro (which is actually a government-owned digital payment system). Here is the comment from Airport General Manager Freddy Borges:

We will activate a button that will allow payment via cryptocurrencies on all airport platforms and in all commercial activities, in coordination with Sunacript.

Definitely a political movement - and one that has little to do with the freedom cryptocurrencies can offer. A sign that many opponents of the Venezuelan regime will not like it, but which once again demonstrates the extreme flexibility of the cryptocurrency world even in the face of complex international situations like this.

Bitcoin adoption is growing faster than the internet

This is the third, but equally incredible, number of the day today. As reported by FxStreet today Bitcoin has the same number of Internet users in the 2005, a growth that was, in the case of $ BTC, much faster than the pace of the Internet itself.

There are already large companies like MicroStrategy, Tesla Et Carré who are openly aligned for the adoption of this cryptocurrency. A fact that is clearly visible from the infographic we have attached. If this continues to be the progression of Bitcoin, within a few years, we would be facing an extremely high adoption, which will allow a $ BTC to truly become the first international currency of this magnitude.

We stand firm on our forecasts

Our Bitcoin Forecast remain more than valid, at least under current market circumstances. Very high price levels, already at the end of the year, around which today there is the greatest consensus among analysts.

Bitcoin continues to amaze - despite the fact that there are still many who want to put a spoke in the wheel. Like, how JP Morgan yesterday and how governments which, from a debacle of fiat currencies they just have to lose.

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