Bitcoin in Estonia's number one bank | Anyone will be able to buy and sell cryptos

It's not just the American banks have a passion for crypto-monnaies. Also in Estonia the largest bank in the country, PCI, has decided to allow its customers to access Bitcoin, Ethereum, Chain link and other cryptocurrencies that can be exchanged through their services.

All in one Application owner, who at least according to what has been rumored so far - would then use as catwalks for the market the services offered by Bitstamp. All integrated into the institution's investment platform.

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LHV marks the path that other European institutes could follow

PCI, a semi-unknown group in Italy, is in fact the biggest operator of the retail banking deEstonia. The new arrival a few hours ago is amazing, as the group would be ready to integrate Bitcoin and other high cryptocurrencies market capitalization.

The system will be integrated by a Proprietary application, which in turn will be included in the cadre for the investments that the bank offers to its customers retail. He will think about playing the role of intermediary in the world of cryptocurrencies Bitstamp, by coordinated and direct access - and - above all, by purchasing physical cryptocurrency and therefore not through futures or other types of intermediation.

Even thoughEstonia this might not be the first economy that comes to mind when you think about the possible expansion of the crypto world, it still remains an important vehicle for crypto adoption, given the makes it seem like she's taking sides in that direction Banca Intesa.

The consequences for the world of cryptocurrencies

This news in fact considered as a whole crypto adoptions happening all over the world and transforming Bitcoin in a investment asset for all intents and purposes, it will also be available to the public away from technological innovations.

Of course, one cannot expect quick steps like a Le Salvador, but have the main crypto-currencies of the market available in a large institutional bank and also for the small public is something we could never have imagined, even we who were supporters of the cause, just a few months ago.

In Italy, meanwhile, everything is silent

At least on the front of institutes large, we can say that the situation in Italy is far behind not only compared to Estonia, but also compared to villages which are not so open to cryptocurrencies. Of course, as long as the CONSOB, through his highest office, he will continue to barricade crypto-currencies, there will be little to hope for.

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