Bitcoin City in El Salvador?

Bitcoin City it will do. To vouch for the revolutionary project of Le Salvador is Samson Mowat the head of JANUARY 3which identifies in 10 années the time needed to complete the work. Work that will mainly focus on the creation of an economic infrastructure adapted to such an ecosystem.

The physical infrastructure would not be a problem of who knows what scale, the entire operation seeing in Bitcoin bond the pocket yet disappeared, and for which it will be necessary to move Alexander ZelayaSalvadoran minister competent in the matter.

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Bitcoin City: where are we?

De Bitcoin City we've been talking about it for a while. In representative terms, but not only, this would be the step he would take Le Salvador be definitely confirmed as the first State adopt a cryptocurrency in its entirety, even “geographically”. Therefore, not only as a legal tender coin, but as a genuine coin symbol on which to build a national economy with infrastructure that respects minors, official wallet and energy in abundance.

The city in progressand on the genesis of which we now begin to record more than a recursive delay, will utilize the enormous sources of geothermal energy present on site to supply all the city's services, as well as to supply the energy needed by the miners. It will be a place without capital gains tax and all directed to related companies Bitcoin who will install the seat there.

They passed almost two months from the first renders made public by the local government, which hinted that this would be the final appearance of Bitcoin City. Suggestive and although indicative images, which were however followed by a rebound of the delays pronounced by Alexander Zelayathe minister in charge of following the file of Bitcoin bond.

The securities that will be issued in exchange for the financial commitment, among others, of Samson Mowwhich in the future city will have both an operational and financial role.

Bitcoin City is to be understood primarily as an economic reason: it will only become a physical place later, and that will take time. Our commitment will also consist in setting up an infrastructure allowing minors to carry out all the bureaucratic and administrative procedures. It will be an extremely secure platform.

The statements of Mow they suggest full and renewed confidence in the project, despite some Bitcoin bond, for the moment, there is still no palpable trace. We've been talking about it for a while, with a first report in March who would have liked the first issue to be postponed to June.

The titles, on which other activities of the State would also depend in addition to the history of the City that we tell you in these lines, they suffered a further postponement in Juneexpect better times. Even on this occasion Alexander Zelaya the turbulence of a market that does not seem to be calming down is back home. In the meantime, there are those who are beginning to fear the coming solvency difficulties in this area by the Salvadoran government.

While RCA backs off…

Those who, on the other hand, show no fear, in this media tom-tom who have the merit of keeping the eyes of the fans fixed on Le Salvadoris its president. Nayib Bukelefrom one advertisement to another, he finds the time and the money to buy another $80 BTC at a really affordable price for the time. It was the month of May, with the stainless president who, true to his taste for twists and turns, had invested $ 15 million in Bitcoin through the mother country.

Repeated blow just three days ago, with the purchase of 80 bitcoins at the modest sum – this time it is the case to say it – of 19 000 $ each. Partly safe, but still a strong sign of confidence for a cryptocurrency that, even at its minimum, continues to hold up much better than the rest of the business.

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