Binance invests $ 1 billion in BSC | $ BNB go get and steal!

Binance Smart Channel again in the foreground. And so does his referral token, the now famous $ BNB. Binance Coin is enjoying a good rally in the market, after a day to forget for virtually the entire industry thanks to some great news coming straight from its exchange reference.

Binance has just announced a new 1 billion investments to make him reference blockchain even more invasive, beautiful and full of projects. An assault, as far as possible, a Ethereum and a good incentive for all investors to refocus on $ BNB.

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Binance invests 1 billion: competitors tremble

An incredible plan the one announced by Binance for its blockchain internal, which already hosts thousands of projects, even of a certain size. The group has indeed announced a plan to set aside $ 1 billion for the development of projects based on Binance Smart Chain. According to official press release released by the group, the funds will be divided into four sections:

  • 100 million for the cultivation and training of talents

The first part of the fund will be allocated to talents get closer to the group's blockchain and also to the training of investors and the public.

  • 100 million for the liquidity of the new protocols

Liquidity that will be allocated according to specific criteria linked to the T, active users and transaction volumes;

  • 300 million for the incubator

This will serve to give birth to new projects, until they are operational and able to walk on their own legs.

Rather, most of the funding will be linked to the acceleration of the adoption of technologies. blockchain and towards the replacement of traditional financial infrastructures. We will go into this point a few more lines, because it is the most interesting of those listed here, also to understand the mission de Binance, the cryptocurrency exchange surely sui generis and who always tried to play by their own rules - not even shying away from comparisons with market regulator.

After the attack by the authorities (including the CONSOB), Binance responds to the fire

The situation is one of the funniest we have covered since we are also dealing with decentralized finance. Binance has been in the eye of the storm for a few months due to attacks from financial authorities from virtually all over the world.

We Italian users, for example, can no longer use the services with financial leverage futures which are present on the platform. It is because CONSOB, from the eternal Paul Savona, having nothing better to control, he decided to issue one fatwa In regards to. We saw the same in England, as well as in the United States and in other jurisdictions.

Binance decided to react in two ways. On the one hand, he promised that he will make his corporate structure less fluid and therefore that he will acquire a Headquarter physical and visible. Things that for the moment seem to have remained only on paper. Ireland has been mentioned, other jurisdictions have also been mentioned, but little action has been taken.

Binance he also put forward the hypothesis of a next stock market listing - it's also a kind of normalization for a group that bill millions of euros everyday. But even here, little was known about it.

Now the group is dropping a bomb, metaphorically speaking, engaging 500 million fight this system which wanted to exclude it from the world of finance. And given the perseverance of the leaders of the group, among which the famous dominates CZ, we can say right away that we are sure it will be fun.

The possible repercussions on the price of Binance Coin

This is extraordinary news for Binance Coin, which eventually moved away from the altitude $ 400, despite a day that also saw correct Bitcoin and also Ethereum.

Much of the money that will be made available will be used to make this ecosystem more ubiquitous, with impact on the value of $ BNB - news that could help the token reach the BNB forecasts which we have written in black and white on our website.

The threat of Ethereum, which today dominates the decentralized finance - is concrete. And in the months to come, we will literally be able to see some good ones. With competition which, once again, will be to the advantage of us, users and investors.

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