Binance: agreement with Cristiano Ronaldo! | NFT examples are coming

The Italian newspapers were all worried about the exit of the world's leading brands crypto sports sponsorships, fearing failures that, as we predicted, never happened and are unlikely to happen in the past.

To bring back the mainstream press on planet earth, there is the latest news coming from Binancewhich has just signed a multi-year contract with Cristiano Ronaldoin all likelihood the most well-known sportsman in the world and one of the hardest to get (it takes a lot of money!) as a testimonial for your brand.

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Binance signs a deal with Cristiano Ronaldo

Cristiano Ronaldo will be the next testimony of Binanceunder a multi-year agreement that will also include the launch of several rounds of non-fungible tokens within the trading platform. A thunderclap in a market in sharp decline that many, especially in the traditional press, had considered dead.

We had already spoken on the subject and we had confirmed that in reality the groups already active in Italy, including Binance, would at most have reviewed a few future projects, confirming however their solidity in terms of the possibility of publicity. And the news of the agreement with Cristiano Ronaldo it is the confirmation, once again, of the absolute detachment from reality of a certain press, more and more committed to making a penny sensationalism and less and less to make real information.

Relationships with my fans are important to me, so the idea of ​​bringing new experiences to market through an NFT platform is something I wanted to be a part of.

This is the commentary, which says very little, of Cristiano Ronaldothat our readers will remember already has some experience in the sectorwhen he testified to the Juventus Token issued by Chiliz.

Overall a awesome signal for the entire sector, while the markets are waiting for much larger signals to come back to roar and reverse a negative trend that has been dragging on for some time now.

What are the next steps?

Of what is given to understand through the official press release it will be a multi-year collaboration that will include the launch of NFT which should also integrate experiences in the world real. With a character of this caliber, significant success is to be expected for the initiatives that will be presented in a few years.

And it is clear how much the world of football is becoming more and more competitive. You we talked about the Empoli experiencewhich will begin shortly, as well as news that will come from Chiliz during summer. Beauty, despite bear marketit has yet to come.

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