Bill Murray in NFT too

Bill Murray is said in the form of Non-fungible token. Since mid-July 2022, the collection Bill Murray 1000 will sell moments from the actor's professional and private history, broken down into 1 digital collectibles.

The great cinema returns to our pages with another high-sounding name, which joins a crypto Hall of fame of a certain caliber. As is often the case when I NFTthe reference currency will be Ethereum.

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The legendary Bill Murray in NFT

Graduated in Psychology and Parapsychology, Peter Venkman is academic at Colombia University, an institution from which he is shunned due to budget cuts and his decidedly unorthodox behavior. Barker, a professional womanizer and irreverent character, the character was included among the magazine's 100 Greatest Characters in Film History. Squire.

The movie is Ghostbuster, and the genius who plays the reckless scientist is Bill Murraybrilliant and never in the shadows when he shares the stage with Harold Ramis as Egon Spengler and Professor Raymond Stantz, in the century Dan Aykroid.

A role that seems to fit perfectly Murrayfamous for Hollywood for his exceptional improvisational skills and for an irreverent character as much as that of the professor Venkman: ours got kicked out of college because he got caught by the police with weed in his pocket.

This parallelism between actor and character reminds us how life Bill Murray is full of events and anecdotes to tell, both professionally and in the private sphere. And this is precisely the idea of ​​the American comedian and actor: to tell oneself in the form of NFT who exposed him as a man and as a professional in the seventh art.

From the next July 15 it will be possible to buy the digital collectibles present in Bill Murray 1000project on base Ethereum with the start Venkman Project as a technology partner. as the name of the collection suggests, they will be available 1 000 Non-fungible token which will recount 100 defining moments in the actor's private and professional history.

Cinema, NFT and amazing characters

The promoter of the initiative was Jackson Murrayson of the popular Invoicewhich has partnered with a company already known to the actor: The Chive has produced Murray-themed merchandising in the past, to now follow him in this key project Web3. The brilliant interpreter of Peter Venkmaninitially skeptical, he would have allowed himself to be convinced by certain particularities of the Non-fungible token.

From what the son says, Murray he would have been fascinated by the uniqueness of the Tokens, which in his case will serve to certify anecdotes and stories about him. The possibility then of meeting the owners of NFTan opportunity provided by the operation, left the eclectic artist pleasantly impressed.

Artist who, parts of Hollywoodhe is certainly not the only one to probe the opportunities for crypto-monnaies Et block chain. We have known the Spike Lee's Crypto Projectswhile more recently we were talking to you about Anthony Hopkins and his .ETH account displayed on his account Twitter.

Bill Murray joins the prestigious parterre bringing its human charge and its professional history, exploiting the Non-fungible token to get even closer to his audience. A tribute to him and to great cinema, which with metaverse find new ways to capture an increasingly eager audience build relationships with favorites.

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