Barry Sternlicht invests in Bitcoin and Ethereum | I protect myself like this ...

They are no longer just the maximalists to say it. Cryptocurrencies - and in particular Bitcoin et Ethereum they can be a good investment to protect against inflation.

Now it's also the billionaire who says it Barry sternlicht, which he confirmed to have purchased both $ BTC this $ ETH just to protect against rising inflation - due - and that's a lot of reading Austrian billionaire - to the large amount of dollars (and euros) that have been put into circulation.

Important news? Yes, although the size of Sternlicht's investment is certainly not important, at least for the large market these cryptocurrencies have. We can follow in his footsteps by investing with eToro - go here to open a demo account where you can test all features for free - where we will find both Bitcoin this Ethereum, both in direct mode and via Copy portfolios which include both.

Those who want to follow in the footsteps of better investors can do so with the CopyTrading - which allows us to choose investors to copy in full, or to openly spy on their movements. When and if we want to switch to a real account, we can do so with a minimal investment suns $ 50.

“Volatile, but I invested in Bitcoin and Ethereum

Barry Sternlicht isn't exactly the first to come. He was co-founder of Starwood Capital and has accumulated over the years aincredible luck. He knows the markets, for which he drove decades with huge success. And, unlike many academics and nobel laureates who repeatedly attacked Bitcoin he has demonstrated with facts that he understands how the economy evolves.

Although it is no longer a trader c'est un investor very first hair, he still decided to invest in Ethereum, while taking into account the intrinsic volatility also in the two main cryptocurrencies of the world.

The reason I have Bitcoin in my wallet is because the US government, along with every other government in the Western Hemisphere, prints money from here to infinity. And Bitcoin is a finite amount of something, which can be traded globally. I also have Ethereum.

So no maximalism - and openness to cryptocurrency too secondary, which has been around for some time attract the attention of large and small investors, especially among institutional investors.

Send the fantasies of temporary inflation

A secret of Pulcinella, which will however remain secret until the central banks of the richest countries in the world will continue to insist with the transience deinflation. The ephemeral which given the enormous amount of cash that has been put on the markets, today seems to be more of a dream than a concrete attitude of understanding what may happen in the future.

Things could go wrong - and now more and more investors think they are choosing Bitcoin and in this case too Ethereum precisely to protect against inflation, triggered by senseless monetary expansion policies.

Bitcoin? Regardless CEO de JP Morgan - will be produced in a maximum of 21 millions of pieces - and when this threshold is reached, no one will be able to decide to create more. Something extremely threatening for central banks, which by controlling liquidity exercise powers beyond time and space.

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