Shiba Inu token scam? | Look at what some newspapers write ...

Is the Shiba Inu coin a scam? The question, like so many others, deserves to be asked a little more seriously, by trying to put aside the deleterious behavior of web editors who are often looking for the last click.

Shiba Inu coin - which we have always been proud of the discovery on these pages - it is not a scam - and its special status as cryptocurrency born as meme this must not be misleading. Just as we must not push those who have seriousness and the truth at heart to express oneself with certain titles. A subject to which we will - unfortunately - have to come back once again.

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Shiba Inu Coin is not a scam, but there are those who ride the wave ...

With our Shiba Inu coin who recorded one of the courses most important in the history of crypto-monnaies, some doubts that it was legitimate to have it, especially during its first phase of existence like, how pure coin.

In the last few months of Water Under Bridges - forgive us the metaphor - a lot has happened and the project has evolved into something much more complex than much of the crypto-monnaies that we find among the first 100 by capital letter.

Still, there are some colleagues who - straddling the discontent over the large cryptocurrency correction in recent weeks - are trying to capture a handful of clicks. Ignoring the terror that certain values ​​could trigger in those who invested. But let's do it in order, first trying to figure out how to approach the world of cryptocurrency information and $ SHIB, then trying to determine if this protocol is a swindle.

Pay attention to titles: they are not always true

The first piece of advice we can give our readers is to beware securities of a certain type. Because if they are used to summarizing, technically, the content of a piece, there are often those who make harmful use of it. By throwing alarms that don't make sense and then get you inside the page.

A questionable practice in itself, which is further aggravated when it implies that Shiba Inu coin be a swindle. Which then may not be supported on the page - or is supported without merit. DYER - that is to say Do your own research - is always valid, even when theoretically we have one in front of us reliable tested.

No, Shiba Inu Coin is not a scam

You may like it or not. Not bad, in a sector that matters more 10 assets. But when you accuse something of being a scam, follow this American adage that wants extraordinary evidence in the face of equally extraordinary hypotheses. That is to say: who thinks that Shiba Inu coin is a scam, it should provide evidence instead of speculating.

We believe that this type of position can only be as far as possible from reality. $ SHIB was born as piece of money and it was an incredible success, but afterwards, instead of letting managers take advantage of it, he decided to put his head down and add services over services.

We could start from ShibaSwap, which although not the most used of SMA, it is still active, it works and has never scammed anyone. Operation also ShitoshiBy TVN it was a success, again without anyone reasonably disputing anything.

Remember that many more prestigious protocols such as Bitcoin suffered, until some time ago (and some deranged people continue to suffer even today) from accusations of fraud or Ponzi scheme. We all know how things went then, at the end of the each other, with all the big banks of the world they have BTC at the register.

Shiba will continue to be volatile and hurtful, but this is not a scam

$ SHIB will continue to remain volatile - to give great bull run and equally important fixes. With the discontent of many but with the joy of a much larger group. But even this characteristic can in no way be attributed to its fraudulent nature. That's just how it works $ SHIBInter FOMO Et fear of those who have reached the historic peak. The most intelligent they capitalize on trade, and instead I long term hodlers they should avoid looking too closely.

For those who want to continue surfing the wave, there will be the possibility to do so also with - go here to receive a free virtual account - intermediary who provides the best platforms for the short period, For example MetaTrader 4 Et TradingView, systems that deliver advanced technical analysis and industry-leading order management. For those who can hold it, good volatility. For others who cry scam, one can only remember that the data and facts lie elsewhere.

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