ARK also on Bitcoin ETFs

There rush to Bitcoin ETFs in USA is enriched by a new, very important player. Entering the game is ARK de Cathie Bois, character definitely sui generis compared to the canons of American high finance - which has always been active in the world of investments in $ BTC.

The popular manager " pay"In fact, his name has a ETF, sent for approval to SECOND - in 21 actions, thus strengthening a proposal that could forever change the framework of structured financial products dedicated to the world of crypto-currencies.

It will be, as we will see later, a product that will replicate the trend of futures de BTC, as required by SECOND. We can take advantage of this news by investing in $ BTC by eToro - go here to open a free demo account with all the features available, an intermediary that allows us to invest without ETF and directly on the cryptocurrency.

Also useful for those looking for investments similar to those of funds from ARK. In fact, the Copy portfolios - baskets containing Bitcoin as well as securities of companies dealing with crypto-currencies at different levels. It only takes $ 50 to start investing with a real trading account.

Ark and 21 Shares together: an SEC-proof ETF

requests for ETF au Bitcoin there are now several on the table of SECOND, ready to be approved ou rejected. The novelty concerning the latest proposal of ARK consists in having followed, with the real manager of the product, what will be precisely 21 actions, the indications of the authority to the letter.

The ETF funds it will not reproduce the price of Bitcoin with physical purchases, but will rely on the replication of the price of futures, as repeatedly stated by Gary Gensler, at the head of the SEC since the beginning of the year.

With such major players - and with full adherence to instructions repeatedly given by the SEC - there should be no problem with the approval. With ARK that would accompany a pure product on Bitcoin to the various funds that also deal with companies that have invested in cryptocurrency.

It's not long now: Valkyrie ready to go

Little is missing - like we said it this morning also for ETF approval on Bitcoin offered by Valkyrie. The group recently updated their documentation, a sign that official listing will take place relatively soon.

An event that can be done from catalyst to another bull run? According to many, yes, even if Bloomberg - historically lukewarm test vis-à-vis cryptocurrencies - also feared the possibility of a downward correction. The market will speak, even if the arrival of new ETF - which will be the first on Bitcoin in the United States - will increase a lot stalls potential investors on $ BTC.

Which, in the medium and long term, can only trigger a rush to buy $ BTC and therefore an increase in prices. All this time Bitcoin continues to float above the 57 000 $, with sideways moves that various analysts say signal the next reboot to the all-time high. Of Until now à Shocktober it can be a matter of hours.

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