Ardana connects Cardano to NEAR

Woe to say that nothing is moving in the ecosystem of Cardano. This is the news a few hours ago on pont which will be built by Ardana among the networks of Cardano and NEAR Protocol, an ad that recently started circulating that signals that in reality there is a lot going on there.

All thanks to Ardana, the complete hub de decentralized finance (also related to stablecoins) which works on the protocol of Cardano. Very interesting hub and which is one of the most successful projects that have already found citizenship on the network of $ ADA.

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Ardana is preparing the bridge: this is what it means for the two networks

The bridge is ready, or rather, only the last touches are missing. A bridge that will connect the blockchain de Cardano for which NEAR Protocol, allowing an enormously easier exchange of assets between the two.

Running this initiative - and closing this agreement - was Ardana, a complete hub for Challenge developed all within Cardano and certainly one of the most interesting projects concerning the new course of $ ADA, which was inaugurated with the arrival of the smart contract.

NEAR has always dreamed of a world of interoperable blockchains, capable of talking smoothly and exchanging data. Ardana, with the aim of creating a multi-chain world, helps us achieve this goal.

This is the comment of the CEO du NEAR the Foundation, the foundation that takes care of the development of NEAR, Erik Tratutman. Words that were followed by those of the head of Ardana, that is to say Ryan matovu.

Ardana's mission is to offer crypto communities to integrate different projects and ecosystems. With this in mind, we are delighted to announce a partnership with NEAR, which will bring Ardana closer to its main objective. This collaboration will allow the two organizations to explore new possibilities in the blockchain ecosystem and will be an important step in the scalability of the sector.

Funds and features

A fund will also be activated, the amount of which has not yet been made public. The partnership between the two networks will also allow the exchange of token between the two networks, which is particularly interesting for the different stable currency which are used by both blockchains.

One will also be available functionality de smart contract able to work simultaneously on both networks, although this will not be added until later. Overall great news for Cardano and for whom, including fans and hodlers, expected a certain development of the ecosystem.

Cardano therefore turns out to be al step than what is offered in terms of operability between different blockchains and to be able to come into contact with other protocols even through truly independent projects. Bullish on Cardano? In our opinion, yes.

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