Apecoin: accepted in Gucci stores

Gucci continues its expansion plans in the main Web3and add $APE to the list of digital assets that customers can already use to pay in the brand's stores. Indeed, for some time now the house has been open to payments in crypto-monnaies in a small number of American stores.

The arrival of apecoin is a confirmation of the crypto recovery of Guccialready present in metaverse with different collections NFT festive, showing an interest in the sector in the round. Uncertain markets, once again, do not worry luxury companies.

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Still Gucci in the crypto world

That of Gucci it's a story that we gladly tell in several episodes. The prestigious Italian brand does not fail to make us write now with a certain cyclical character, and today's news sounds like a confirmation of how much the company has clear ideas about crypto-monnaies.

La tweeter it's clear: the last to be accepted, in chronological order, is apecoin* known to most for its links to Bored Ape Yacht Clubthe project NFT perhaps the most popular around.

It is a complement to the path traveled by the Home a few months ago, with $APE which is added to Bitcoin, Litecoin, Ethereum and other digital assets, which customers can use to pay at select stores.

Of the case we gave you news in Maywhen we learned that some shop present to North America they have been selected to lead a project which should involve larger territories and a greater number of points of sale in the short term.

Apecoin continues its way

On this occasion, we had already underlined how the openness to crypto-monnaies Et piece of money like, how Dogecoin it hinted at broader developments, and in any case the operation was to be understood in the beta phase, with stores converting the crypto product into fiat currency.

A beta phase that will certainly be followed by an expansion to make payments in crypto-monnaies also in other stores. A key extension Web3 which in the meantime also passes through the metaversewith Gucci who made his prizes The sandbox for the project To jump.

The new it was several months agoand as you would expect from a company that has shown and continues to show so much interest in the sector, other steps in the same direction have been followed.

More recently we told you about the second round NFT by signature Gucciwhich, thanks to the collaboration with super rare followed by a festive project of the first hundred years of the company's history.

A well-defined route that brings with the news of the day Gucci to acquire another exceptional partner, this token which he's been talking a lot about him latelyand so popular among who can afford a luxury NFT like signatures Bored Ape Yacht Club.

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