Adidas and Coinbase sign agreement | NFT earthquake coming?

Adidas recently debuted on The Sandbox, but he doesn't seem willing to stop there on his own I walk in the world of blockchain and - probably - in that of TVN.

The largest sportswear group in the world has indeed announced a partnership with Coinbase, one of the most relevant cryptocurrency exchange to the world, with the terms of the agreement and the object thereof, however, which still exist T.

We will try to piece together what is happening in the parts of Adidas - given that there are still some clues - and given how far German society has come in recent days, we can sketch a spectrum of possibilities. A first glimpse? There will be room for the TVN.

Adidas announces collaboration with Coinbase on Twitter

It all started yesterday, with the announcement by Adidas, by its official Twitter account group.

We have become a Coinbase partner. It's probably nothing.

With that Probably nothing which actually occupies a meme that has been circulating among cryptocurrency enthusiasts for some time, used whenever there is a milestone in the adoption of crypto-monnaies by large companies or institutions.

As we have already anticipated, the terms of the agreement are not clear, it is not known at the moment what the intentions of Adidas in the world of cryptocurrencies. However, we are facing a great transition for the German group, which had unveiled only a few days ago its next integration into The sandbox, a die metaverse stronger than those currently available on the market.

We are faced with a period passage, because one of the most important sportswear groups - and one of the most capitalized companies on the German stock exchange - is gaining momentum in a world until recently reserved for specialists.

What does Adidas have in mind?

We still have nothing official in our hands, although the reconstruction, for those who can read between the lines, should not be so complex. In all likelihood, the focus will be on TVN, with an interest also of Matic, if you were actually using the Coinbase. As for the brand's presence on The sandbox, the creation of one has already been announced emplacement where there will be gaming experiences available 24 hours a day.

The missing piece could be the link with the merchandise physically produced by the company: there are those who have advanced hypotheses suggestive of NFT collectable which will give the right to the next exclusive releases of the group's shoes, thus giving the right to buy back models sought after by collectors.

We will have to wait to see what he has in mind Adidas, with the main rival, NIKE, which evolves in the same way Roblox. The world of sportswear, with everything that goes with it in terms of Branding and the penetration of cryptocurrencies among the general public.

A historic moment, which has already had its repercussions on the market - just think of the boom in The sandbox of the last days - and which will continue to produce. Passionate about Adidas or not, there will be a lot of attention to follow what has happened in the last few hours.

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