Ripple Investor Class Action | There are already more than 42

The initiative of John E. Deaton - lawyer trying to arrange one class action contre SECOND for the cause that sees him oppose Ripple - is already one extraordinary success.

There are over 42 $ XRP holder who answered Here I am and not just from the United States. It is the sign of a compact community of investors who want to make their reasons heard and of the strength of those who want to react to the undue interference of the first authority worldwide for market surveillance.

News positive and bullish for the market of Ripple - who continues his fight to return definitively to the top $ 1,10. Attractive price in view of the victory in the trial, on which to invest also with the EToro platform (go here to get free unlimited demo account) - who offers $ XRP with 31+ cryptocurrencies - and this includes unique tools fintech such as Copy portfolios, to invest in multiple cryptocurrencies in a single share.

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What is happening and why the class action could change the cards on the table

On the fact that Ripple suffered prejudice as a result of the lawsuit which brought him SECOND just before last Christmas there is very little doubt. The token ended up losing much of its value, then recovered too thanks to the great bull run which involved the entire sector.

But those who, at the time, were losing a lot of money they had XRP in their wallet - who have also asked, in an organized or unorganized way - to be part of the cause which is precisely opposed SECOND Et Ripple labs, the company that manages Ripple commercially.

Investors who have always wanted to be included in the process. What was finally accepted by the judges, even if in terms which for the moment do not leave many viewers satisfied.

It is in this context that the class action prepared by Jean Deaton and in which you can still participate, by following the modalities indicated in tweeter that we attach.

Over 42 with 000 countries represented. Thanks to @stedas for the infographic.

Which had XRP at the start of the SEC trial can register by following the form - then wait for instructions from Deaton ditto for the next shots to be made. According to the typical format of class action, there will be no legal fees to pay, since the possible compensation of the lawyer will be covered by the compensation.

What can the end of this trial mean for Ripple?

The consequences can be huge on the price of cryptocurrency - and they could force us to revise our XRP Forecast, which still indicate a price point that is 70% higher than the current one, while Ripple is now trading, at least according to our analysis, still at low price points compared to the actual value.

The possible duration of the case against SECOND would allow the group to Go in public - in all likelihood in Japan according to rumors of recent weeks. Something that - even in this case - would contribute to the growth of $ XRP in terms of adoption and therefore value.

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