In New York the NFT museum

New York is also asserting itself as a crypto art hub, digital on block chain, which finds a declination in the real world with lots of real exhibition spaces. He is arriving at Manhattanthe gallery is called Web3 NYC Gallery and was born in collaboration with Tokenframe and his digital paintings can display NFT.

Artists will be able to exhibit their works in the form of Genesis NFT, with admirers who, by purchasing the physical medium, take home the frame and the artwork. As is often the case when it comes to Non-fungible tokenla chain reference is that of Ethereum.

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New York increasingly blockchain-themed

If we were to say the relationship that binds New York years would not be enough for the art world. The Big Apple it houses some of the most important and visited museums in the world. The Metropolitan Art Museum fits just below 200 000 square metersworks and testimonies that tell 5 years of the history of mankind. American Museum of Natural History it's a mecca for science and technology enthusiasts the world over, and it's been open for 150 years now. The MoMa it certainly needs no introduction, and so on for a list that counts around 100 international exhibition spaces.

To these names we can add today Web3 NYC Gallerymuseum where you can admire and buy NFT highlighted through the use of special supports. They are called NFT Tokenframe displayreal digital frames whose name, decidedly evocative, gives a good idea.

The gallery is currently set up to accommodate 300 Non-fungible token author, called Genesis NFTtechnology that comes back to talk about him on our pages and which lends itself well to ecosystems of this type.

Both remotely and by physically going to the museum, spectators can directly buy a NFT Tokenframe display with the chosen job already loaded. The reference chain is that of Ethereumperennial today in the field of digital collectibles, but in the future other technologies will likely be adopted, with Tezos Et Solarium in the first row.

Another attraction for those who love blockchain and NFTs

If you're around New York you can take a ride to number 510 of the legendary 5 street de Manhattanto physically visit the Web3 NYC Gallery and maybe buy one NFT Tokenframe display at the modest price of 1,5 ETH for the format of 10 incheswith prices up to 10 ETH for the digital image with diagonal 43 inches.

At the current exchange rate, they would be around… no, there is no need to drive prices down at this particular time for the whole industry: the situation is there for all to say, with investors fleeing but also states like Le Salvador who confirm full trust in bitcoinan asset that despite everything seems to hold up and that it has its own ADN antibodies to withstand much stronger shocks.

We then have the Big Apple that we keep talking about, sometimes with dark tonesat other times giving us news of cryptocurrencies that they also continue to be used for transactions of a certain magnitude. But it is art that reminds us that we are in the middle of a bad storm, which as such is only passing.

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