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El Salvador switches to buying one bitcoin a day



The digital asset market is shaky, but that is part of its nature. And as some people, institutions or even countries demonstrate, what some see as scary, others see as a great opportunity.

Bitcoin may be much lower in price than it was a year ago, but it is still the number one cryptocurrency par excellence.

Periodicity of purchase

Nayib Bukele, president of El Salvador, announced last Wednesday on his Twitter account that as of yesterday. El Salvador will begin purchasing one BTC per day.. In this way, Bukele also shows how firm and supportive he is of his decision that BTC as the legal currency in the country..

Because just like announced on El Salvador was the first country to adopt BTC as legal tender. This move was taken as a defense against U.S. monetary policy, finally moving away from the U.S. currency.the dollarwhich had taken its place for many years and which, according to the country, was destroying its economy.


Justin Sunthe creator of the Tron network, seems to have been inspired by the El Salvador decision and announced that he will follow in Bukele’s footsteps. According to the Sun, he daily purchases of a bitcoin in order to for the Tron Dao Reservei.e., the decentralized autonomous organization in charge of the USDD stablecoin.


The mystery of BTC purchases

The amount of bitcoin held by El Salvador is unknown..

Some of the known features purchases made since bitcoin was introduced as the country’s currency, however, the approximate amount held is unknown.

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The addresses of the wallets are not known Cryptocurrency wallets in which they store activity, nor have not even shared MONEY RECORDS used to purchase BTC.

This lack of information raises questions and prevents an audit of the balance and movements on the blockchain.

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