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Do Kwon says he is not hiding from Interpol



Do Kwon, founder of Terraform Labs, said he is not currently hiding or concealing his location. This was Kwon’s response to the search alert issued yesterday by Interpol.

Yesterday, The International Criminal Police Organization or International Police (Interpol). issued A search and arrest warrant for Do Kwonfounder of Terraform Labs. The notice came from RED LEVELthe highest level on the scale of search alerts and which is applied to locate and arrest wanted persons for prosecution.

Do Kwon had stated via his Twitter profile that he was not on the run from justice or being tracked.but the lack of interaction on his social media following the Interpol alert suggested that he was trying to hide, but this is far from the truth. As of yesterday afternoon and night, Kwon once again responded to users who questioned him and reiterated that he was not making efforts to hide.

In a long series of messages, Do Kwon confirmed that he continues to carry out his usual routine of living at home and also on the street.. He confirmed that he goes out for groceries, walks, and even wanders around the malls near his home. The lack of concern about the red alert issued in Kwon’s name was evident when a user asked him about the red alert and answered the following.

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I’m writing code in my living room“.


Another user followed the conversation and asked that “what is your opinion on Interpol’s red alert?“to which Kwon replied.

For something that has a warning in the name, I’m sure you didn’t warn me.“.

In these words, Kwon states that Interpol did not contact him and that the notification did not change anything in his daily life..

Do Kwon’s whereabouts remain a mystery, but he himself confirms that he is making no effort to hide.. Singapore authorities have confirmed that he is not at his home in the territory, but this is only one of his usual residences. Kwon may be elsewhere, but it is believed that he never left the Asian mainland.

Given his high profile, if it is true that he is not in hiding, authorities are expected to find him in the coming hours or days.

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