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Dash 2 Trade presentation, why its pre-sale raised 6.3 million in such a short timeDash 2 Trade presentation, why its pre-sale raised 6.3 million in such a short time



However, Dash 2 Trade does not have this problem, as the project has a huge community support and this has translated into millions of investments. Being a new project, it was launched through a pre-sale where investors only receive their tokens once the pre-sale is completed and this seems to be on track, if not ahead of schedule.

What makes Dash 2 Trade (D2T) so promising.

Dash 2 Trade is a cryptocurrency market analysis platform designed to find interesting trading opportunities. It benefits from the expertise of the Learn 2 Trade developers, which already has 70,000 members. D2T will undoubtedly have more members when the platform launches, if the growing number of Twitter followers – 45,000 at the time of publication – is any indication.

D2T is the platform’s native token. Dash 2 Trade and will be used to pay for transaction fees and platform services. Those who have D2T will receive trading signals.

Another thing that makes D2T so attractive is the commitment of some of the major cryptocurrency exchanges to list the token as soon as it becomes available. Appearing on a centralized exchange (CEX) is like a seal of approval, and D2T has gotten it from LBank and BitMart, two reputable exchanges.

According to the project’s website, Dash 2 Trade has hired professional traders and artificial intelligence developers to ensure the smooth operation of the system. Considering that D2T has been approved by major exchanges, this seems likely, as they only list the most promising cryptocurrencies after vetting the team behind each project before listing it.

All in all, D2T has managed to raise millions in investment in its pre-sale phase. Some analysts expect a return of up to x10 at the time of trading in 2023.

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D2T pre-sale

In the first and second D2T pre-sale phases, Dash 2 Trade raised $5 million in fifteen days before launching the third D2T pre-sale phase. This phase aims to raise $8,757,000. More than $6.1 million has already been raised.

You can buy the D2T cryptocurrency at the. official website here 0.051 3 USDT before its value increases to 0.053 3 USDT in the fourth stage of the pre-sale. This guarantees a profit on the expected launch date, around the first half of 2023.

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