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Cryptomoney Update – November 20, 2022 Seminar



Condensed from the actuality

20 Nov 2022 – 09:00

Voici a new edition of the condensed version of the site news. for the week 12 to 18 November 2022. A weekly publication that offers you an overview of the main milestones of the cryptocurrency and blockchain world over the last 7 days.

Cela avec 5 articles essentiels qui permettent de. to be kept informed of important innovations and advances in the field.. But also to keep up to date on the interesting developments and the best possible opportunities within this ecosystem.

And at the end of this selection, a complete technical analysis of the course of Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies emblématiques au regard des actualités de la semaine.

A good way to keep an eye on the cryptosphere while enjoying the weekend.

Bonne lecture…

Cryptomonnaies – Private stockholding is a “fundamental human right”.

Cryptomonnaies - Private stockholding is a "fundamental human right"

The crisis currently affecting the cryptomoney sector is unprecedented. And it involves, once again, the deepening of centralized structures in train of entering with them a whole censored ecosystem not the being. A situation that forces to bring back to the center of this digital economy some visibly forgotten fundamentals. As private stockholding (self custody) which Changpeng Zhao and Michael Saylor do not fail to mention as indispensable.

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BlockFi – Vers un dépôt de bilan suite à une ” exposition significative ” à FTX

BlockFi - Vers un dépôt de bilan suite à une "significant exposure" à FTXv

The responses following the seismic sequestration related to the FTX affair ne cessent de se faire ressentir. And even if not all the crypto-actors concerned are not affected in the same way, some may well not be relieved. At the point of triggering a new wave of suspension of withdrawals and possible penalties. As in the case of the borrower BlockFi face à a possible balance sheet deposit.

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Tether (USDT) sort indemne de tous les tourments actuels, vraiment ?

Tether beyond the market

The emmetteur of the stablecoin USDTTether, Tether, claims not to be exposed to difficult platforms such as Genesis Global Capital or Gemini Earn. After having rejected all ties with FTX, the company therefore continues to declare itself to be open to the market.. Prouesse or accommodations with the reality of the facts ?

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Le Salvador : purchase of one BTC per day as of today

Salvador one Bitcoin per day

L’industrie crypto on le sait, connaît one of its most recent episodes with FTX’s faillite and its damaging consequences on a growing number of companies that were exposed to the exchange. However, in this market dried up by the exactions of a megaloid scroc, some are keeping the faith, making a clear distinction between Bitcoin and crypto. Ainsi, en est-il du président salvadorien Bukele qui a annoncé le 16 septembre que son pays allait commencer à acheter du Bitcoin au rythme d’un par jour..

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British commission disappointed by Binance’s lack of cooperation

Binance FTX

The members of the british parliamentary commission inquiring into the FTX’s performance are not satisfied with the answers from Binancequestioned about its role in the cataclysm that is drying up the crypto industry. The exchange is content with leur adresser une série d’articles de presseinstead of the internal documents requested.

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Qu’est-ce qu’une monnaie fiat ?

Qu'est-ce qu'une monnaie fiat ?

The term monnaie fiat is often opposed to that of cryptomoney. A distinction that is not always obvious to make at first sight, but which rests nevertheless on very clear specificities. Particularly with regard to the Bitcoinwhose emergence and adoption only serve to offset the weaknesses of these central bank currencies at the specific character imposed. But before replacing them, the first step is to understand their functioning.

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