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Cryptocurrency News – Week of November 06, 2022



News summary

06 Nov 2022 – 09:00

This is a new edition of the news digest. for the week of October 29 to November 04, 2022. A weekly publication that gives you an overview of the main aspects of the cryptocurrency and blockchain world over the last 7 days.

This with 5 key articles providing. keep abreast of important innovations and developments in the field.. But also to keep abreast of interesting investments and the best possible opportunities within this ecosystem.

And at the end of this selection, a comprehensive technical analysis of the price of Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies. A comprehensive technical analysis of the price of Bitcoin and other flagship cryptocurrencies in light of the week’s news.

A good way to keep an eye on the cryptosphere while enjoying the weekend.

Enjoy your reading…

Bitcoin – Its white paper was published 14 years ago today.

Bitcoin - Its white paper was published 14 years ago today.

The Bitcoin is known to everyone, even though it is used by only a few individuals worldwide. The venture began in January 2009 with the actual launch of its network. But the groundwork had already been laid officially a few months earlier, with the publication of its white paper on October 31, 2008.. A landmark document of only 8 pages that exposes a “peer-to-peer digital payment system” that is changing the international monetary balance…

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Bitcoin mining company Core Scientific, on the verge of choking.

Core Scientific

The publicly traded bitcoin mining giant, Core Scientific, files for default in a document filed with the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC). A revelation that did not go unnoticed, the giant’s shares lose three-quarters of their value. in the following hours.

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Instagram – Arweave (AR) selected by Meta to store its NFTs.

Instagram - Arweave (AR) selected by Meta to store its NFTs.

Since its strategic rebranding, the giant Target continues to make progress in the metaverse and NFT token sectors. And although the results appear to be in the form of significant losses at the moment, this trend remains strong. This is what the latest statements made on the sidelines of the event indicate. Maker Week underway in Los Angeles. With the integration of the decentralized Arweave project. to manage the storage of these “digital collection objects”.

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Cryptocurrency giant Fidelity to expand its cryptocurrency offering to retail investors


Tempers may be frosty in the cryptocurrency market, but major institutional players, such as FidelityThe asset manager is further diversifying its Wall Street-first offering. The asset manager is further diversifying its Wall Street-pioneering offering by. Will soon offer its retail clients the ability to buy and sell bitcoin and ether. on its dedicated investment app.

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Binance + Ledger = simplified cryptocurrency purchasing.

Binance + Ledger = simplified cryptocurrency purchase.

The building of the cryptocurrency ecosystem knows no seasons in its various cycles. For despite the current general decline, large-scale partnerships and meetings are taking place between some of the giants in the sector. A reality that is currently worrying the Binance platform and the French company Ledgerworld leader in hardwallets. It is about “strengthening the Web3 ecosystem” by making it easier and safer to buy cryptocurrencies. Explanations…

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Analysis – New signal on cryptocurrencies!

In this new technical analysis of the cryptocurrency sector, Bitcoin’s situation will be discussed first In weekly and daily time units. With the possibility of a rebound towards $25,000, which is yet to be confirmed. And we will also talk about Ethereum and the BNB cryptocurrency.

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