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Corey Wilton tells his story



This week I had a rather interesting guest on the CoinJournal podcast.

Serial entrepreneur Corey Wilton tells me his story. A kid from Australia’s Gold Coast, he didn’t make it to college. Today he runs a metaverse company, Mirai Labs, out of Vietnam, with 75 employees, and has some great stories about the hysteria of the last few years.

Honesty can be hard to find in cryptography, but Corey has it. Adept at discussing the dark side of cryptocurrencies-bombs and dumps, scams and countless other problems-he also delves into his mistakes and the obstacles he faced, including a failed Dollar Shave Club-inspired business.

For entrepreneurs in this industry – or even for those who aren’t – this is worth listening to (if you’ll excuse the bias). There are many lessons Corey has learned despite his young age, and it’s interesting to hear him talk about them.

Of course, we also talk about the blockchain game and cryptocurrencies in general. Obviously, the sector is down massively, and we discuss this new climate and how the gains easily recouped during the bull market are long gone.

I especially liked the brutal assessment of many projects that simply try to tokenize anything, regardless of use cases. The bull market is crazy, now that it’s over, but Corey hit the nail on the head and has some fascinating stories to tell.

Despite launching Pegaxy, the metaverse racing game, only a year ago, it quickly reached 500,000 users before the bear market hit.

Corey now intends to build, improve his still-developing game and build on everything he’s learned so far. It’s been fun.

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