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Colombia passes bill, Argentina debates regulation



Bitcoin en español is CriptoNoticias’ weekly newsletter in which we review the most important facts about bitcoin, cryptocurrency, and blockchain in the Hispanic world.

Among this week’s highlights in Latin America is the Colombian Congress’ approval of a law that will regulate the operation of exchanges.

The Colombian proposal focuses on the legal protection of users.. It is an idea that is also being discussed by the Argentine Congress, where parliamentarians have also held a debate to advance the issue of bitcoin regulation.

In another part of the region, the government of El Salvador has been accused by a developer because of scams that were committed using the Chivo wallet.

To go into detail about the news from each Spanish-speaking country during the past week, we leave you with the most recent Bitcoin in English.

Argentine Congress debates regulation of bitcoin

Two Argentine congressional committees have discussed the amendment of a law on money laundering to include cryptocurrency exchanges. The meeting was held on Nov. 24 and was attended by The purpose of the meeting was to establish some regulations On virtual activities.

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Meanwhile, Argentine stock exchange Quantia is trying to recover its clients’ funds.after being affected by the FTX incident. To this end, the platform already has prepared a plan.

token price ftt .
The price of the FTT, until its recent drop, was relatively stable in the midst of the cryptocurrency winter. Source: CoinMarketCap.

And rightly so, following the failure of FTX, Latin American stock exchanges are considering the release of their reserve tests..


Reference Binance countries

In this regard, platforms in the region have different criteria for submitting such evidence. There is also a group of companies which have not yet spoken on the subjectbut stated that they would do so in the future.

Colombia approves bill

The House of Representatives of Colombia’s Congress has approved a bill. to regulate foreign exchange offices operating in the country..

The initiator of the project, Congressman Julián López, said that the document will allow “define the rules Clear rules of the game” to make the bitcoin ecosystem of legalization in Colombia.

According to López, the goal is to “recognize cryptocurrency exchange platforms and protect cryptocurrency users.”

The document will be submitted to the Senate for discussion. The proposed regulations contain. 6 key points which will establish the basis for the regulation of bitcoin exchanges in that nation.

Julián López, Colombian congressman who presented a bill to regulate bitcoin and cryptocurrency exchanges. Source: Julián López/ Twitter.

The developer accuses the government of El Salvador.

Developer Shaun Overton has called the government of El Salvador to account. For scams committed using the Chivo Wallet.a government-backed bitcoin wallet. He pointed out that has been used to defraud millions of dollars.

Meanwhile, the children of El Salvador have been using an ATM machine, created by a Salvadorancapable of convert physical currencies to sats or bitcoin cents.

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A video shared on Twitter by CryptoNews shows a group of children waiting in line to make change with the Lightning micropayment network.

Bank of Spain calls for Bitcoin regulation.

A European Commission official has issued an urgent appeal to end discussions. on the law that would regulate the bitcoin market in Europe..

The deputy director general of the Financial Services Unit of the European Commission said that with a legislative regime such as the one in place proposed in the eurozoneThere will be no enterprise in the European Union replaying the actions committed by the managers of the collapsed FTX exchange..

For his part, Bank of Spain Governor Pablo Hernández de Cos said in a speech that the Bitcoin market could “destabilize” the traditional financial system. He called for regulation of the ecosystem. According to a “predictive approach”.

At the same time, the Iberian monetary body announced the launch of a program to experiment with digital currencies, or CBDCs. To this end. seek “cooperation” of companies potentially interested in this type of project.

Events of the week

Among the events related to bitcoin, cryptocurrency and blockchain in the region for this week, the following stand out. CryptoNews Calendar:

  • Tuesday, December 6 to Thursday, December 8“Metaverse Global Summit 2022” event, a virtual conference organized by the Metaverse Club.
  • Wednesday, December 7 and Thursday, December 8: Third Israel Crypto Conference event, virtual conference in Paraguay.
  • Wednesday, Dec. 7Second edition of “Crypto Summit del Sur II” event, virtual conference in Paraguay.
  • Wednesday, Dec. 7: “Crypto Mendoza 2022” event, face-to-face conference organized by Champagnat University.
  • Thursday, December 8 and Friday, December 9: “Monagas Innova” event, conference to be held in Maturín, Venezuela.
  • Friday, December 9: MITup 2022,” organized by the community of Misiones, Argentina.
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Merchants accepting cryptocurrencies in Spanish-speaking countries.

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We invite you to share your information with us at We will confirm the data provided and report on that company’s cryptocurrency adoption in one of the Spanish-speaking countries.

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