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Coinkite launches tool to verify authenticity of Bitcoin software



Key facts:
  • monitors software developed by Bitcoin core, Electrum, LND and others.

  • Developers should always include GPG signatures to verify the authenticity of software.

Coinkite, manufacturer of Coldcard cold wallets, offers a tool to verify the authenticity of updates to various Bitcoin software. is the name of the website created by Coinkite for software authenticity verification. Its main utility lies in the security of users, as it allows them to easily verify that new versions of certain software or applications come from official companies or developers. Otherwise, it could be malicious software created by third parties. works by constantly analyzing the GPG signatures of different software. GPG signatures are sets of public and private keys. in which the private key is used to affix the digital signature and the public key is used to verify the signatureAccording to an earlier CryptoNews article on the subject.

The website Bitcoin without bullshit advises developers to include GPG signatures in their releases to make it easier to verify the authenticity of their releases. In addition, both this site and invite readers to verify for themselves that the new versions of the software they are downloading are legitimate due to GPG signatures.

BinaryWatch announced 8 verifications in 8 hours, verifying 2032 resources from 9 bitcoin projects. presents updates every 8 hours on its Twitter account on the software it keeps under review. Source: @BinaryWatchBot/ Twitter currently monitors software updates developed by: Bitcoin CoreBlockclock, Coldcard, Green, Joinmarket, LND, Sparrow, Wasabi, and Electrum. However, they are open to including other projects in this list.

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